Does Sanchez Have a Future in New York?

With the competition for the starting QB spot in full effect, it is easy to question whether or not Sanchez has a future in New York. He is expected to make $8.25 million guaranteed whether he remains a part of the organization or not, but the Jets have not ruled out releasing Sanchez just yet.

It has been reported that rookie QB, Geno Smith, is expected to start Week 1 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and that Quinn will be used as a safety net should the Jets need one.
As of right now, Smith is the in the lead for the starting spot and doesn’t necessarily need the W in Week 1, but definitely needs to show he’s ready. The Jets need to keep him confident and ready for the expected, action-packed season opener.

With multiple QB’s in the running for his job, does Sanchez stand a chance on the Jets after multiple shaky seasons and now an injury to his throwing shoulder? What is more of a liability for the Jets, Sanchez himself or releasing him and losing out on $8.25 million? (photos by: Google)

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VIDEO- Johnny 3 Rounds – “Stick To The Script”

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Chef Aleem: The Real Rapper’s Delight
By Kitty Irene
C hef Aleem has trained at some of the top fine dining restaurants in the country, ran one of the most popular restaurants in Atlanta, Crave Bistro, and let’s not forget to mention he is currently personal and tour chef to the Grammy Nominated rap sensation, 2Chainz. When asked his motivation behind his art he simple proclaims, “Besides being inspired by some of the best in the culinary profession, being a single father of three is one of the things that forced my hand to perfect my craft of cooking. I had to, for them, because I refused to raise my children on fast food and junk.”
O wning a restaurant down the street from a music studio, the restaurateur stayed busy with hungry artist that would stop by after a grueling night session. That benefit was how the restaurateur was introduced to 2Chainz, “He would stop in after a studio session and over time we just became acquainted; he was one of the regulars. I used to joke with him like when you get big Imma be out there with you man.” Aleem said during our interview. “So when he started blowing up he called and said lets go, so I was like let’s work out a good deal and let’s do it. We went on a couple of weekend tour dates and it worked out pretty good so here we are going on our second year of doing this at his personal home and on tour.”
A leem admits that his look goes against the norm of what many see when they hear of an executive chef. A caramel skin toned man, standing over a hot scorching stove rocking a pair of dark shades, tattoos, and a cigar is not what normally comes to mind. Aleem understanding the norms against him felt it was only just to start a non-profit organization called Cool Kids Cook. The organization works with kids all across Atlanta to teach the fine and honorable art of cooking. It’s not just a cooking class but a lifestyle, that teaches young people about employment, education, nutrition, entrepreneurship, and how it all intertwines to manifest a successful career. A message that has reached to the White House, with First Lady Michelle Obama’s, Let’s Move, America’s Move to Raise a Healthier Generation of Kids campaign. Chef Aleem has made it his personal mission to join forces with the Obama administration to change the way our children interact with nutrition and the culinary arts.
“I just wanted culinary to be an option for young people before it becomes an all that’s left to do kind of thing. Because then you approach it as an all an that’s left to do kind of thing and you become the grind cooks or the stew boys in the kitchens instead of the leaders of the kitchen. That starts at a young age when you need that motivation.”
2014 promises to be a jammed packed year for the rising star as he and his team prepare to launch some major projects that are sure to turn heads and separate him from the traditional celebrity chef. “In life when something is your calling you can’t ignore it. This is my calling to introduce the world to an art form from my point of view. So ya’ll get ready because we’ve taking flight and the trip is going to be a long and exciting one, I can guarantee that!”

Gain more Chef Aleem access and celebrity insiders on Twitter @_KitchenKing and @Chef_Aleem on Instagram. You can also check out his latest project “Well Done.” on YouTube Click the Link and enjoy!

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A s a teenager he had a group called “Warpath” whom he grew up with. They did talent shows, rap battles and various contests. During his college years, he stepped away from the group to find himself and to learn new instruments such as guitar and bass and genres outside of hip-hop and R&B (Such as rock, Dance, Techno and Pop). In that time, he also composed a indie solo album called Eternity: The Rebirth focusing on his personal life and growth. Recently, LX has also released a 19 track album called Rockstar Killa Mixtape, an all original music blend of rock into rap which he wrote in entirety.

C urrently LX is back in the studio working on his EP, Eternity: Not of This World. LX has worked for and with famous labels such as Def Jam, Universal, Columbia and Interscope Records. He has also produced music/projects for UGK (Underground Kings), DTP (Disturbing the Peace), Slip N Slide, Def Jam, Flipmode/Deep Freeze, Interscope Records- Wale, Don Juan, Mya, Nappy Roots, Rostrum Records and other national/international artists and labels. He has also co-produced/starred in commercials as well as worked on a few indie movie soundtracks He has had a career widely recognized for his “Left Field” Production and has been a 2x nominated Best Producer DMV award and a Southern Entertainment (SEA) award winner (Pursuit of Nappiness- Nappy Roots) LX is arguably one of the most diverse and creative artists of his time.

Main Website:
Facebook Fan Page:
Photography by:

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Determination, faith and work brought King to see a day that every artist dreams of. LA Reid made the call in New York and 334 Mobb was signed to Def Jam in 2006. As the music industry continues to expand and evolve on an everyday basis, King strives to remain consistent with his brand MAG ” Money Addict Gang,” his loyalty, since being introduced to the world. King brought in 2012 with the first single from his street anticipated mixtape entitled “THE RETURN OF EDDIE KANE”, Hosted by Dj Smallz & Bigga Rankin. The single entitled “Check on Me” delivers a fierce new universal sound that is an not only empowering but also enjoyment for the ladies, gents, clubs, and the radio stations. Simply said,King is here to deliver Hip Hop with a lyrical keen that has remained to be the backbone of his music since being introduced over a decade ago. Standing as the CEO of RapStarPromo, he helps to pave the way for other artists with the talent and work ethic to make it. The result is the perfect blend of seasoned lyricists, musical motivators for the world to admire. Unlike many artist, King lyrics tells his story inspiring other artist and also allowing his fans to relate to him.

The streets have been buzzing since the release of his hit single “Check On Me” in 2012. Unlike many singles, “Check On Me”, is a universal anthem for everyone striving for a check! On his recent mixtape, “The Return of Eddie Kane” you will find a variety of different topics and outlooks on situations that Hip Hop gets lost in the music, learn about trends and things people do, how we can re-direct our actions, and much more. This mixtape features Stone of 334 MO.B.B., Rich Boy, Shawty Lo, Big Blue and more. Current singles include “Yellow Diamondz” “Mama Dont Worry” , “Dope Shit” & Other Exclusives to come!

King is set to release his brand new album “Kush And Yellow Diamondz” June of 2013. For this Artist/ Music Mogul, this is only the beginning! King of 334 MO.B.B. will forever grace the Rap game with timeless hits that will become memorable.




Coming from Newark, NJ, Bubz & his team have been labeled everything from Newark’s Saviour to the new age Wu-Tang to the modern-day version of No Limit.
Riq Bubz talent has spread through the streets and online, leading to collaborations with established artists like Waka Flocka, Vado, Uncle Murda with more to come. He was also just featured on MTV “Week In Jams”, “s”, “Hot 16″ (Bonus Segment) and Shade 45’s Sway in the Morning.
E2W what’s up Riq Bubz how are you today?
Riq Bubz I’m good can’t complain. 10 toes up is always better than 10 down, ya feel mey!
E2W where are you from?
Riq Bubz Newark, N.J. “Brick City”
E2W Do you get a lot of love from artist out in N.J. such as from Redman, Joe Budden, Treach of Naughty By Nature etc.?
Riq Bubz I never met any of them. Although, I did open for Joe Budden at The Highline Ballroom in N.Y. last month. Redman used to hop out from time to time in the hood and say “what up!” to the homies and s**t. But, I do get a bunch of support from other local and underground artists like my n****s: Tsu’Surf and Shotgun Suge.
E2W I see you did the Breakfast Club interview. Were you nervous up there with Envy, Yee and Charlemagne?
Riq Bubz Nah I been in tighter situations than that coming from where I’m from *laugh*. The Breakfast Club is extended family at this point tho’. Ang, Envy, Charlamagne, they the homies. So, when I see them, I don’t even think of it as a nervous or work thing. They show me and my SRT10MG family a lot of love and we appreciate them for that.
E2W how did the feature with Waka Flocka come about?
Riq Bubz Some of my peoples knew his people’s, so we just reached out and made it happen.
E2W how did you feel about MTV interview on Hottest 16?
Riq Bubz It was a good look. Just another chance to display my skills.
E2W what next for you for summer of 2013?
Riq Bubz More touring around the U.S.. New mixtape, “Street Certified”
Dropping, and more videos and linking wit more artists.
E2W you got any majors lined up ready to sign you or you like the independent route?
Riq Bubz Not at this moment. We’re focused on doing it independently right now. A lot, of the footwork we out here doing, most labels don’t do for signed or established artist.
What my SRT family and me have, is extinct in the industry right now. We’re bringing back the love, unity and movement (aside from the music) that you used to see in the 90’s. We’re ringing bells without even really trying. Meaning, we don’t have any money backing us…this is all us.
So, if we get a label behind us just for that money back-up…ain’t no telling. But, where we from…we got it! SRT10MG, got it! We kicking doors in even if n****s ain’t answering.

Here’s more on RIQ BUBZ below.
Twitter: @RiqBubz
IG: @440BoyRiqBubz
You Tube: Riq Bubz

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Upon releasing Bamlanta volume 1, the mixtape reviews have been quite impressive. She is what the game is currently missing, a female rap artist with finesse and style yet a gangster persona that is expressed through her music. Her single “Look at Yo Body” Featuring Cap 1 has flooded the speakers throughout the clubs in Atlanta and beyond. The song was previously retired on Hot 107.9’s Battleground Radio for being voted #1 seven times in a row, as well as being in rotation at several radio stations throughout the Southeast and West coast regions.

Not only is Bambi hot on the music scene, she is sure to entertain you on television. She’s gained a very strong fan base upon being a cast member on Vh1’s Basketball Wives of L.A.

Keep your ears and eyes open, and pay attention to the Chief of Lipstick Gang as she brings diversity to the ever-changing world of Entertainment. Lipstick Gang is more than a support camp for Bambi’s music, it is a movement created to recognize breast cancer awareness and uplift and empower women with dreams and goals across the world.

E2W- Good Day Bambi How are?
Bambi-Awesome, how are you?

E2W-What’s been new for you since Basketball wives LA?
Bambi-I’ve been doing shows at clubs and recording.

E2W- How is your music progressing since the show?
Bambi-It’s progressing well, I’m currently working on my new mixtape, my single “Shimmer” will be available soon on iTunes.

E2W- What single do you have out now?
Bambi- “Look at Yo’ body” is still available on iTunes, that was my first single.

E2W-What producers have been working with?
Bambi- I’ve worked with Chophouze, and many more producers.

E2W-Do you have an album title for your LP?
Bambi It’s a surprise lol!

E2W-What can we expect from you for summer 2013?
Bambi- You can expect to see me in a city near you performing live.














| |@AdizBambi | Facebook | | YOUTUBE | Tumblr |

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I n the late 2000’s she took a interest in modeling when she was stopped walking through her neighborhood Target store by a photographer who told her she had “The Face”. She began to research the fashion and modeling industry where she grew to be influenced by Tyra Banks and her show America’s Next Top Model. She states her biggest influence was Eva Pigford who won cycle 3 because she could relate to her so much.
Gerald then teamed up with Upcoming Entertainment Group and began doing promotional modeling on the side. Once she realized how popular she had gotten in her area she then moved to Albany, New York to jump start her new career as a model. She linked up with EsClass Enterprises and MB Productions for her first video debut, lead role in “They Ain’t Gotta Know” starring rapper Self Made Vega which can be viewed on YouTube. Just as her career was shooting off like a rocket she was faced with reality, her mother had sclerosis of the liver and kidney failure and was soon facing major surgery; which sent her packing back to Flint, MI to be by her mother’s side. But she didn’t let that stop her career or drive.
Since she has returned to the Flint area she has done some promotional modeling, you may have seen her on a few flyers such as hair, nails and toes and a few upcoming designer fashion & hair shows. She recently collabed with Team 810 for a photo-shoot with Harley Davidson and a short role in their upcoming movie Goon 810 to drop summer of 2013. Gerald says look forward to her 2014 calendar and many more projects in the near future because she is not stopping until she puts her city on the map … “New York Born but Flint Raised” Leggo. You can follow her on twitter @KissMyPink_ or add her on Facebook

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NOJACK, as he explained himself, is a man that keeps it real. He states that he is energetic, athletic, and charismatic and has sex appeal for the ladies. With no lack of confidence, he assures me during the interview that he is definitely a jack-of-all-trades.

He comes from the state of Illinois, city of Peoria and now lives in California. He has been in the rap game for several years and has been steadily perfecting his craft. Originally known to the music industry as DIZZY D, in the beginning, he mentions that he was in it for all the wrong reasons. He said that he lavished in the fame, women, and money and was content with his status at the time.

He took a few years off to study the tape; like an NBA player or boxer studying his opponent, soon made a comeback. Now with a new vision and new name. He was known as the infamous, INFERNO JACKSON action packed with rhymes galore. A fiery rapper with skills, but soon realized that the name was common.

As he recalls, he was lounging with a friend and approached by a fan, which had asked if he had a show that weekend. He asked, “why?” The person explained, that there was another guy with the same name performing. Right then, he knew he had to distinguish himself from others, and become more unique to the world.

Inferno Jackson was making waves in the rap industry, but felt as though he had to appeal to his Christian mother to listen to his music. Listen to his music was something that she would not do, with obscene language and the “n” word spewed throughout his lyrics. So, it was time that he restructured his game plan and became the man that we now know as, NOJACK.

Nojack has had some credible projects in the past that can be researched. Some of them are: DECEPTION, CRITICAL DAMAGE, LYRICALLY BOUND vol.1, WELCOME TO, NOJACK CITY, and SHADES OF GRAY to name a few.

Nojack is quick to refer to himself as the man “ Bo Jackson” of action packed music, and listening to his catalog; he is not selling wolf tickets. He also has a style that may sound somewhat familiar to the hip-hop world. As he states he has acquired it from the legendary Krayzie Bone, of BONE THUGS and HARMONY. He further mentions that his style is creative with dimensions, and style that is not done by anyone else.

Nojack says that he gets inspiration for his music from his past struggles of hard times, and states that he keeps a 9-5. He says that he makes music according to his mood and keeps in tune with what is going on in the world today, but is sure to continue to build himself up mentally and physically.

He states that, “Picasso was an artist, and was just bringing his art to the world and that’s what I do. I just do me.”

As far as gripes are concerned, he has a few. Nojack is adamant about phony engineers as he sates. And how they are quick to push artists in and out like a conveyer belt. He states that he has had issues in this area at a point and time, and had felt like a certain engineer was pushing artists as if they were on a cookie sheet cookie cut and put out. He states that Eddie Ruxspin (the engineer of his current projects) has been very instrumental in helping him fine tune his craft, and he holds him in high regards.

Contact info:
Twitter @iAmNojack
Instagram @NojacksWorld


Despite having yet to release a studio album, support for Grafh and his music has been overwhelming – both among fans and within the music industry. His songs have been featured on HBO’s Entourage, Fox’s Meth and Red, BET’s Ultimate Hustler and in a number of video games, including EA Sport’s NFL Streets, Saint’s Row, and 25 to Life. Grafh has also been heavily supported by his peers, including Drake, Raekwon, Bun B, Jim Jones, Busta Rhymes, Waka Flocka, and many others. Grafh was surprised, however, when actor Shia LaBeouf said he was “really, really, really good” in a late-night TV interview with Carson Daly. This sense of appreciation has motivated Grafh to stay true to his fans while touring and releasing new music online via his official website, He has also built a strong following on Twitter, where he applies an entertaining combination of sharp humor and brutal honesty to everyday life.
Grafh is currently focused on completing his debut studio album. Over the last year, he has built a creative team of young, talented people that are working with him toward the album’s release. Grafh has redefined his sound – drawing inspiration from multiple genres – and has made a concerted effort to be more emotionally candid. The result has been the best music of Grafh’s career, with more songs still to record. With this album, Grafh hopes to prove that he’s more than just raw talent. He has set out to challenge the labels that have been put on him as an artist – to push his own boundaries musically, lyrically, and visually. Just as he did at the start of his career, Grafh plans to let the music speak for itself.

Drake Speaks On Grafh during a interview:

Shia LaBeouf says Grafh is “Really, really, really good on the Carson Daly Show:

Grafh ft. Waka Flocka “Knock Em Down”:

Behind the Scene Grafh It’s Just Music ft. Joe Budden & Shalone: …Video comin soon…

Grafh ft Busta Rhymes “Like Ohh”:

Grafh ft. Sheek Louch “Bring the Goons Out”:

Grafh ft. Jim Jones “Bout Dat”:

The feedback was so strong for this one that we decided to shoot a video. Shout out to Nicki and Eminem Roman’s Revenge Freestyle Video:

For more Info, Music, and Videos Go to >>

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