Maca (Music And Creativity Ablazed) an Inglewood, California native has been touching the waters of the Rap game for a few years now. He claims that he has gotten his feet wet when he was 9 years old. Ever since, he has been exercising his skills like a bodybuilder, he is in training. He has mentioned that he is studying the game like a student in an effort to improve his microphone skills while still delivering a message.

MACA takes great pride in himself by staying with the team that has been his support from day one. He mentioned to that he has rocked a few venues and enjoys the art of entertainment.

Coming from an area where opportunity is not so abundant, he plans to be the spokesman for the underprivileged and unappreciated people in his hood and beyond. Giving the listener a picture of his life by way of his music. So take a second to listen to, MACA and find out where the man is coming from.

I had the chance to vibe with MACA and found him to be a very intelligent representative with potential. He mentioned that he’s performed at various venues like: The Belasco Theatre, Los Angeles Job Corps, El Monte-Moose lodge, Speak Easy Open Mic Los Angeles, The Patriot Center Long Beach and the Riverside Convention Center.

When asked about where he’s trying to take his career, he mentions that he is trying to see the world with his people. He goes on to state that he is bringing his message with him To him that is fun. What makes MACA different? In his words, “my message and delivery” and “I’m not your ordinary rapper; I think outside the box. My stage presence is also what separates me from the rest.”

When asked about why people should follow him, he simply states that, “I represent something positive, and I give off that same vibe of positive energy. I surround myself with positive situations. My music reflects that same attitude.”

As the interview commenced, I had the feeling of hope for the rap game, because MACA reminded me of a more fun stage of hip-hop, and which direction the industry could go in. He further mentioned that he stays motivated because of his: past, present, and supporters who have given him a ton of gold in their support.

When asked, ‘who are you willing to work with’, he stated, “I want to keep it in house with my team called, ‘Hazardous Entertainment’.” “However I would not mind collaborating with a few other artists out there. In fact, I recently reached out to ‘Lord Vital’ and ‘Beast Mode’. We’ll see where that goes for now.”

When asked about whom he has worked with, he mentions his team: Teyman, CEO-Q, Wes Diamond, Ashmartin, D-Stacks and the Stargazers Production team.
Maca has a resume of work under his belt. His works include mixtapes that he has released since 2011. 1) 2010 Despicapbe 2) 2011 Wood Chains Polo 3)

You can also catch up with MACA on social medias.
MACA social Media and links
Twitter: @young_maca_man
Facebook:Carlen Maca Clark
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