W e all thought Kirk was the perfect husband in the beginning, but now since Rasheeda is pregnant, another side of Kirk has surfaced. He is not at all happy with this pregnancy, and while he has a right to feel that way, he’s MARRIED to Rasheeda, she’s not a side piece. He can’t just hand a couple of dollars to her in order to “take care of that,” which is exactly what he implies every chance he gets. He wants her to have an abortion and to put the icing on the cake he wants a paternity test. He has lost fans in the “Husband of the Year “category and is looking real ratchet toward his wife. Rasheeda is standing firm on her decision and moving on with her baby, in whichever capacity she needs to- pow!

M imi finally is no longer focused on Stevie J, but she has strong doubts about new beau Niko and also her friendship with Ariane. Last night she asked Ariane about her loyalty regarding their friendship because she feels as if Ariane has sided with K.Michele . Ariane made it clear that she isn’t riding the fence, knows where her loyalty lies, but does think that Niko is not the one for Mimi. Mimi did have a visit with a psychic who informed her that her current boo thang, was a waste of her time, so Ariane was on point with that vibe. We heard it through the grapevine allegedly that K.Michele and Ariane now live together in NY and will be cast members on Love & Hip Hop NY, along with another new rumored member, Draya! So much for Mimi and Ariane’s bond, if this is in fact true.

S hay can’t let go of Scrappy and has allowed her heart to be the ball in the ping pong game-again. Shay and Scrappy displayed their rekindled friendship (with benefits). She was straddled on Scrappy, massaging him in bed and basically expressing her infinite love to him, as his friend. Later in the show, she was a whole nother person. She reminisced on the way Scrappy lied to her in the past and proposed to Erica in front of the world, leaving Shay shocked and heart-broken. She thought she could handle being around him again but the sex got her tripping. Shay, if you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. They ended it on a bad note. Scrappy got fed up and let Shay know that he is tired of apologizing, is drained from her flip flopping and left her house, reminding her that he helped her get that very house.

J oseline and Stevie J keep the drama train going. Joseline met up with Shay Mac and was woman enough to admit her wrongs and apologize to her for putting hands on her last week, but once she found out that Stevie bought Shay a flat screen after her house was broken into, Joseline gave Stevie the evil eyes and left abruptly. She initiated a meeting a day later with Stevie J to let him know that she didn’t need Stevie to manage her any longer and is tired of him playing her with other women. Stevie didn’t fall into it this time. He applauded not working together and refreshed her memory by trying to fire a shot with the whole “you were a prostitute, go back to the strip club,” thing but it’s getting old.
Joseline drove away upset while Stevie J stated during the last confessional, “I own Joseline for the next 6 years, come to daddy!”

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