Selfmade Vega’s Class Is In Session
Rapper, Selfmade Vega considers himself a bright star with an emerging future in the music industry.
Vega released his first album as a solo artist to enthusiastic fans and friends at THE LINDA, in Albany, N.Y., on Sunday Feb. 24, 2013. The album titled, “CLASS IS IN SESSION”, is a compilation of 18 unique songs. It is a testimony of Vega’s life, along with music representing the streets, club bangers and a few songs for the ladies.
“I have a song called, “HARDSHIP” on there. I also have a song that’s called, “CAN’T LOSE FOCUS” on there. I have a lot of positive songs that’s on there. And I also have songs for people that’s in the streets, that’s where I came from so I can relate to certain stuff. You know? I can say that they might can relate to as well,” Vega said.
Selfmade Vega, born Shallah Bunch in Albany, N.Y., is from a large musical family. At the early age of four Vega remembers watching his uncle play on turn tables and being fascinated by the melodies. Vega’s brother King Snito, has been a musical force in the Albany area for years. Vega deemed his brother his main role model on his personal path to musical greatness.
“The person who has inspired me the most has been my big brother. My older brother is King Snito, he was in the music game for a minute. He was pretty much the best artist in the 518 for years now, so I just followed his lead.” Vega explained.
Family, is a large part of what makes Selfmade Vega a well-rounded artist. Support can always be found from at least one of his nine siblings, and Vega’s father has been a focal point in terms of keeping him humble. Vega’s mother, June Foulks has taken on the role of managing him. Her management has kept him organized, and on a continued path to success. Although the music industry is not one of stability, Vega is consistently motivated by his two young daughters and fiancé to make it to the top.
Vega’s journey has not been easy, much of which is evident through his music. On one of his favorite tracks on the album titled “WHAT I’VE BEEN THROUGH,” Vega talks about conflicts he’s dealt with on the way to fulfilling his dreams.
When asked about some of the major obstacles that have affected his musical journey, Vega let out a sigh signifying the magnitude of previous frustrations, yet his troubles have not deterred him from his goals. The downside to being a part of a large musical family is that it has been hard for Vega to find himself artistically amidst the presence of fellow talented family members, but with some effort Vega has been able to make a name for himself.
“I kinda felt like a shadow behind a group, so I wanted to stand out. I felt the way for me to stand out was for me to venture off and start doing my own music, and to break away from your own family, your own blood family it was kind of hard to do. I felt it was the best move for me to make, to become a better artist and for people to recognize me as a good artist, so they can see my talent and what I’m capable of,” Vega said.
Vega is currently represented by Hard Hood records and Nex Level Movement Entertainment, who are working on different ventures including possible shows at The Apollo and internationally in Japan, along a lingerie line for women called Pretty kitty. Vega also plans on jumping right into his mix tape, despite the fact that his album just released. “I’m gonna work on new material and keep grinding, make sure music’s in the listeners ears, that way they can never say where have you been,” he explained.
“My ultimate goal is to be the number one artist out, and then after that, put myself in the position to also help others to create their path to get there,” Under the direction of his record label Hard Hood records, and Nex Level Movement Entertainment, Vega’s intention is to create opportunities for others whose talents are overlooked.
Music for Vega is more about finding common ground with fans than speaking about riches that the majority of people might not have the chance to experience. “Me as an artist I try to do songs that’s relatable to everybody, songs that people can understand and say oh I did that, or I can do this, just so they can have a feel for the music, a lot of people don’t have a feel for the music, they don’t have a Porsche or a Bentley, or these other things that the artists talk about, so I try to give them more relatable music, from the ground up,” Vega said.
Fans can access Vega’s new album by reaching out to him via Facebook, or contacting his manager June Foulks, copies could also be available one online store such as ITunes and soon enough. by: Cherie Darby

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