Artist NAME is Deemo and The Movement is HYH…Kadeem Scott grew up in Mt Vernon before moving to the suburban town of Dobbs Ferry. In his high school days, he flourished in sports winning a state title. Soon after leaving the gridiron, Kadeem began to focus on his rap skills and chose to use the name he was given while tearing up football fields all over the state ‘DEEMO’.

Deemo started his career by joking and rhyming while waiting on the bus with friends or after football practice even though people laughed and wanted more, Deemo did not take rap seriously until 2011. At that time, he began to focus on his writing skills and the contents of his rhymes. He became an overnight sensation in his hometown but his numerous YouTube videos soon caught the eyes and ears of people from neighboring cities including the Conglomerate Management C.E.O. Smile. After meeting with Deemo hearing, his flow and his attitude it was obvious that he was going to be successful and his career was on the fast track.

Deemo has been diligently working on his first album and so far has released two tracks that are heating up the underground airwaves. Poison and Who Am I pt.2, which is also the name of his first mix tape. While Deemo continues to work on his album titled,”N***** Mad” he will be dropping another mix tape titled “Who Am I pt. 2″ mid December 2013. Deemo has performed at numerous open mic events including Harlem Lanes New Artist Showcase 2 and BX Records who’s got skills. He has also done Harlem Lanes radio, Most Hated radio and Hugs and Kisses radio just to name a few.

Deemo is focused and ready to make his name in this era of Hip Hop, Pop an R&B………Also Checkout More From Conglomerate Management artist Deemo..…..Soon to drop this fall Deemo Presents HYH (Handsome Young Hustlas). and also performing @ the Les Love Harlem Lanes Radio Showcase, on Nov. 2 2013 @ the Lounge 243

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