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Artist NAME is Deemo and The Movement is HYH…Kadeem Scott grew up in Mt Vernon before moving to the suburban town of Dobbs Ferry. In his high school days, he flourished in sports winning a state title. Soon after leaving the gridiron, Kadeem began to focus on his rap skills and chose to use the name he was given while tearing up football fields all over the state ‘DEEMO’.

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On September 11, 2001, the nation witnessed unparalleled destruction. Weeks, months, and years after the feeling of dread and loss loomed in the air. 12 years later, the U.S. is still recovering from the emotional and physical trauma and loss.

The paranoia of vulnerability of American citizens continues, but 9/11 should be a reminder of just how vital world peace is and how far we as a nation have to work to achieve it.

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I n the late 2000’s she took a interest in modeling when she was stopped walking through her neighborhood Target store by a photographer who told her she had “The Face”. She began to research the fashion and modeling industry where she grew to be influenced by Tyra Banks and her show America’s Next Top Model. She states her biggest influence was Eva Pigford who won cycle 3 because she could relate to her so much.
Gerald then teamed up with Upcoming Entertainment Group and began doing promotional modeling on the side. Once she realized how popular she had gotten in her area she then moved to Albany, New York to jump start her new career as a model. She linked up with EsClass Enterprises and MB Productions for her first video debut, lead role in “They Ain’t Gotta Know” starring rapper Self Made Vega which can be viewed on YouTube. Just as her career was shooting off like a rocket she was faced with reality, her mother had sclerosis of the liver and kidney failure and was soon facing major surgery; which sent her packing back to Flint, MI to be by her mother’s side. But she didn’t let that stop her career or drive.
Since she has returned to the Flint area she has done some promotional modeling, you may have seen her on a few flyers such as hair, nails and toes and a few upcoming designer fashion & hair shows. She recently collabed with Team 810 for a photo-shoot with Harley Davidson and a short role in their upcoming movie Goon 810 to drop summer of 2013. Gerald says look forward to her 2014 calendar and many more projects in the near future because she is not stopping until she puts her city on the map … “New York Born but Flint Raised” Leggo. You can follow her on twitter @KissMyPink_ or add her on Facebook

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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

These Georgia peaches know how to spice up the screen. They knuckle up when necessary and still keep the weaves and make-up tight!

Previously this season on Love and Hip Hop ATL, Erica and Scrappy started off as an engaged couple, K.Michele was one of Mimi’s best friends as of last week and Rasheeda and hubby Kirk reinforced their bond after renewing wedding vows … all of the above situations are now null and void!

Last night’s episode had attention grabbing moments, like when Momma Dee actually apologized to her son for being a bit over-bearing in his relationships. It’s easy for Momma Dee to be nice now, after she had a hand in breaking up Scrappy and Erica. Erica and Shay came face to face at Tracey’s fashion show. That was an intense moment, but it cooled down when they both chose to be ladies and kept it moving respectfully.

Drew and Tracey’s business deal is a done deal! Drew, Tracey’s business partner and baby daddy, practically begged Tracey for $25,000 to start a sneaker store and after finally getting it- he handed the dough over to a third “business partner,” with no contract. Where they do that at??
The money and the business partner disappeared into thin air.

Stevie J has actually been on his best behavior. He was determined to be honest with Joseline and let her know that he wants to work with Shay Mac. Joseline felt some type of way (threatened) and was completely disrespectful when Stevie tried to bring them together. His good efforts ended in Joseline attempting to snuff Shay Mac while on her way out. Close, but no cigar.

The highlight, hands down, was when Mimi confronted K.Michele about a recent radio interview in which K.Michele called Mimi’s new man gay, “in her opinion.” Words were exchanged and as usual, K.Michele acted out her emotions physically and hit Mimi over the head with flowers, retrieved to her dressing room and started to sing over Mimi’s rants.

Next week is sure to be another banger and we’ve got you covered!(by: Dina)
Need to catch up on full episodes? Go to www.vh1.com to view what you’ve missed!
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The show began at 11:00am and did naught but grow with progression; as did anticipation for each act to come. Groups of kith and kin gathered ’round covered benches, smoking, drinking, and over all enjoying the atmosphere during breaks in music. By 1:30pm, when Native Born began, Metal was in full swing. Bloody mouthed moshers emerged from the pit, with sanguineous smiles, only to eagerly return for more. The aroma generally produced on April twentieth wafted about the reciprocated chaos, and climaxed as Hostile took to stage at 4:20. It was then that a contagious feeling of awe betook the on-looking ruck; as bodies collided, in heavy rhythm, to the enthralling dark tones, then, cried encore.Tickets to the Hottest Shows in Las Vegas at VegasTickets.com
From Albatross Overdrive’s classic groove, to Catharsus’s cathartic aggressiveness, 2013’s Metal in the Park provided the setting for all genres of rock to unite with common purpose. When asked to sum up the day’s experience…by consensus, two words: ****ING HOSTILE!



The 19 year-old is inspired by a variety of rappers such as Tupac, L.L. Cool J, Tyga, Meek Mill and Eminem.

Keeping focused is what has Luzion on track. He has done most of his footwork himself from booking photo shoots, getting put on with an AT&T commercial and working on his video, “Genie,” with director Royal Tha Great and even composing his whole mixtape, Xtsasy.

Luzion has no plans on slowing down, while he remains humble, he is also enjoying the fruits of his labor so far. “It’s like I’m becoming a hood celebrity.”
Follow him on Facebook @ Tatted Up Luzion and on twitter @Luzion

Luzion’s video Genie:



Tela was originally born in Memphis, Tennessee. His grandfather was the manager of the late great B. B. King. Music and the music business has always been in and part of Tela’s life. He grew up listening to great and favorite artists like “Marvin Gaye”, “Al Greene” and “The Isleys”.

Tela says that the music that these kind of artists made was termed as, “Pimpin’ Music”. He also liked and enjoyed the music of “Michael Jackson”, “Queen”, ‘Black Sabbath” and “Coltran” just to name a few. He himself has worked alongside artists like: Snoop Dog, Too Short, Pimp Cee, The Game, Ace, 8 Ball & MJG, Yuck Mouth and UGK.
For the past 5 years Tela has taken a needed and most valuable time out from the constant grind of the music game. He has taken this time out to be with his beloved family and children. He realized that time waits on no man, neither does the growth of his beautiful children. One of the most precious gifts one could ever have is time-shared, and the bonding with his offspring. He knows that there is no way to make loving and lasting memories unless you are there and present in the mix.

Although not as heavy in the game these days the Legend has gone “independent” and still managed to produce a new mixed tape called, “Grown Man Situations” aka “GMS”. You can check for this to drop around 3/15/13 on Mixedtape.com. Tela hopes the game continues to grow creative wise and artists keep it interesting. He says, “Nowadays it’s hard to tell artists differences one from another. Also, don’t clown yourselves if you are going to make music; true talent stands out for itself. No more dream jacking… please! No more Lil Waynes, Drakes, Rick Ross’, or Nicki Minajs.” Lastly, PLEASE NO MORE RATCHET BLACK WOMEN!!! Black women do not need to be ratchet to make money. Our women need to start living with structure, refinement and an assignment for their lives.
You can find him on @TelaOfficial ya heard! By: ANGELICA MANN



First and foremost: me, my family, and supporters would like to thank E2W Magazine for the platform to voice my injustice. Freedom has never been given by the oppressor minus the hard work, and dedication of a person who refuses to be held hostage.



The impact of returning to prison after serving 16 ½ years for a crime I was, and am innocent of, is tremendous. Where do I start? Being the rock and glue of my family, I immediately took charge of my position when I was freed. I wasn’t the only one who was permanently scarred from my wrongful conviction, my family suffered badly also.

Our healing process started the day I was released. In the short period of time I was home, I tightened my family bond that was shattered by the Justice System. The feeling of coming home from work to my wife, going to dinner at Big Mama’s house (mother) with my brothers and sisters, taking my mother shopping for her birthday, bringing her gifts for Mother’s Day, my kids, going out with my wife, speaking to trouble youth and speaking with other: men and women who were also wrongfully convicted at speaking engagements was priceless.

So, after the above and much more, returning to prison, and still is like living a re-occurring nightmare. I feel the pain double fold due to being through this wrongful imprisonment once, and being freed only to be back to endure it once again. If I was weak minded, and didn’t have the blood of our ancestors running through my veins, I wouldn’t stand a chance.

My family and supporters is crushed by this ordeal but, being through this once before, they have first hand knowledge of what’s necessary to support me mentally and emotionally. Let me not leave out friends and my fellow comrades, and my N.Y. and PA. Legal Teams. This has hit everybody extremely hard. What can I say? My situation has pulled my support system together tightly.

To say the System is prone to mistakes is an understatement. My reason for saying this? When someone’s conviction was strictly based on: ‘faulty’ Eye Witnesses, (Brady-violation) a coerced confession and (Ineffective Counsel) just to name a few out of many, and the Judge don’t grant relief or when he or she does grant relief, the Prosecutor still prosecutes knowing it was an injustice.

That’s intentional, not mistake. When DNA clears a person, the duty of a prosecutor should be to immediately ‘halt’ the prosecution as an, Officer of the Law. Not all prosecutors are corrupt, but the one’s that are is “the Deep Rooted Cancer” in the Justice System that is responsible for ‘Wrongful Convictions’. And as I always say, if you intentionally caused a wrongful conviction, not only should you never be able to practice Law, you should be ‘prosecuted’.

Upon filing for Re-argument with the, U.S. Supreme Court, my case was ‘Remanded’ back to the, Third Circuit Court of Appeals (the Judges who freed me). Due to the U.S. Supreme Court not allowing my attorneys the right to submit briefs or oral arguments. Not only did they make an error giving me a charge I never had, they made a mistake of basing their decision to ‘Reinstate’ my conviction strictly based on a Brady violation witness. This Brady Violation was clearly established in the Federal District Court in 2008. You would of thought that the U.S Supreme Court would of reviewed the record. Not in this case. “The Pain Within”

To Society,
My personal view on my husband, Lorenzo Johnson’s Wrongfully conviction and what it done to the family.
Wrongful convictions has a huge impact on all parties involved. How is it ok to keep people in prison for crimes they didn’t commit? It’s an injustice that affects peoples lives tremendously. My family and I have suffered for far too long because of this.

One of the hardest things I have ever had to do was watch my husband return to prison after five (5) months. He had already given the state of PA. 16 ½ years of his life for a crime he didn’t commit. Our children couldn’t understand how or why this was happening again! How could I explain this to them when I didn’t fully understand how something like this could take place.

I remember thinking how much could one man take? Was he strong enough to keep fighting for his freedom (a second time) or was his energy going to run out. I thought about our financial situation and how I would have to take care of us again. I thought about the system and how foul they really are. How could they come into my world and take all I had in a blink of an eye.

I cried for days feeling like they tore my heart out. I couldn’t eat or sleep, not to mention gained a lot of grey hairs.
A lot of extra spending we were doing also had to stop. I now had to make sure I had collect on my house and cell phones so he could call. Had to make sure I was able to order his food packages when he was allowed to have them. Also to make sure that I could get to PA. to see him as often as I could, living 2/12 hours away from the prison isn’t always that easy between: the price of gas, tolls, maintenance to our car and making sure he’s fed on the visits takes a hit to our savings.

It’s emotionally devastating as well, I love seeing him, but my heart breaks when it’s time to leave him there. He knows how bad it hurts me so he calls as soon as I get in the car to comfort me for my ride back to N.Y.. I totally agree with the saying, “if you do a crime, you should do the time”, but to keep an innocent man in prison for almost half his life, let him out, and bring him back, is: “Cruel and Unusual Punishment”.

I try to remain positive, but honestly have lost faith in the justice system. Wondering, “will they ever do what’s right? Are they willing to say we made a mistake not only once, but twice? The children ask all the time, “when is he coming home” The only answer for them is, “soon I hope” Although Lorenzo is the one behind those walls living this nightmare, we are all suffering and I will continue to suffer until justice is served!

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