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It’s always very economical and wise to stay on top of your local and state laws. For example, a vast number of people drive. Driving laws change quite frequently unbeknownst to the drivers. Also, I would like to mention but go into detail later on… Your owned vehicle is never really owned by you… nope!

At any given time the government can confiscate it. As long as you are a US citizen you too are owned by the government therefore you and your property belongs to the United States. You are literally part of the economy; revenue, collateral even. Say word! WORD!

Back to the matter at hand though, the laws for driving change and in order for one to stay abreast of its modifications. You would have to check online or call state agencies in order to find out. Now who in world has time to stay on top of those time consuming and tedious things? Well truth be told those annoyances can be an even bigger annoyance on ones pocket! Say for instance when driving.

Did you know the specifics when handling your cell phone? Well in New York State while driving your cell phone is not suppose to be in your hands in any manner. Even if you are just looking at the time or using G.P.S. (navigation app). Nope not in any shape form or fashion. For G.P.S. it’s recommended that you use a cell phone mount or however you like, just not in your HANDS! If seen by your local officials it’s a definite ticket and points off your driver’s license. Back to economical; who wants to afford a ticket? All the people say, Ney! So how do we stay on top of the latest and greatest? Usually we find out the hard way and that’s by getting fined, tickets, revocations and penalties.

So in order to avoid all this I have provided some source of information where you can start first for inquiries. There are radio and television broadcasts which state the new changes in the rules and laws. This is currently known as “Radio and Television Broadcast Rules 47 CFR Part 73”. The FCC itself does not keep a public database of its rule sections. That task is performed by the Government Printing Office for most agencies. These rules and regulations are compiled in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). After October 1 of each year, the GPO compiles all the changes to, additions to, and deletions to the rules and republishes the Code of Federal Regulations with the updates. This page links to the 2009 edition of the CFR. When the 2012 edition is available electronically in spring 2013, this page will be updated.

Telecommunications falls under Title 47 of the CFR. AM, FM, and TV broadcast stations fall under Part 73 of Title 47. Additional rule sections pertaining to radio broadcasting are contained in Parts 0 and 1 of Title 47. Part 74 FM translator and FM booster rules are not included here but are contained on a separate FM translator and booster rule page. AM, FM, and TV Rules including LPFM, Class A TV FCC… FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION … FCC.GOV

Hope this information was helpful and we will definitely touch back on that topic of “WHO REALLY OWNS WHAT???” So till next time BE BLESSED & STAY UP!! ; )

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