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It wasn’t until his first mixtape, called “Who The F*** Is Coli Montega” hosted by DJ Big Mike in October 2011 where he became an indie success gaining 10,000+ downloads off of the mixtape. Mostly due to it being first debuted on rap artist 50 Cents’ website THISIS50, & his single “THAT GUY” being featured on NY stations Hot97 & Power 105 constantly from DJ’s such as Suss-One, DJ Self, DJ Enuff, & DJ Will, just to name a few. He’s now following up that with the release of his Second Mixtape titled “Who F**K Is Coli Montega Part 2 Hosted By DJ Whoo Kid” featuringknown names such as artist like C-Murder, Diamond, Young Buck, Lee Carr & more.Earlier in his career, even before the success of his mixtape, Coli has opened up for various acts on different occuasions such as Soulja Boy, Jim Jones, Fabolous, Ryan Leslie, & others.

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The show began at 11:00am and did naught but grow with progression; as did anticipation for each act to come. Groups of kith and kin gathered ’round covered benches, smoking, drinking, and over all enjoying the atmosphere during breaks in music. By 1:30pm, when Native Born began, Metal was in full swing. Bloody mouthed moshers emerged from the pit, with sanguineous smiles, only to eagerly return for more. The aroma generally produced on April twentieth wafted about the reciprocated chaos, and climaxed as Hostile took to stage at 4:20. It was then that a contagious feeling of awe betook the on-looking ruck; as bodies collided, in heavy rhythm, to the enthralling dark tones, then, cried encore.Tickets to the Hottest Shows in Las Vegas at VegasTickets.com
From Albatross Overdrive’s classic groove, to Catharsus’s cathartic aggressiveness, 2013’s Metal in the Park provided the setting for all genres of rock to unite with common purpose. When asked to sum up the day’s experience…by consensus, two words: ****ING HOSTILE!



The 19 year-old is inspired by a variety of rappers such as Tupac, L.L. Cool J, Tyga, Meek Mill and Eminem.

Keeping focused is what has Luzion on track. He has done most of his footwork himself from booking photo shoots, getting put on with an AT&T commercial and working on his video, “Genie,” with director Royal Tha Great and even composing his whole mixtape, Xtsasy.

Luzion has no plans on slowing down, while he remains humble, he is also enjoying the fruits of his labor so far. “It’s like I’m becoming a hood celebrity.”
Follow him on Facebook @ Tatted Up Luzion and on twitter @Luzion

Luzion’s video Genie:



Selfmade Vega’s Class Is In Session
Rapper, Selfmade Vega considers himself a bright star with an emerging future in the music industry.
Vega released his first album as a solo artist to enthusiastic fans and friends at THE LINDA, in Albany, N.Y., on Sunday Feb. 24, 2013. The album titled, “CLASS IS IN SESSION”, is a compilation of 18 unique songs. It is a testimony of Vega’s life, along with music representing the streets, club bangers and a few songs for the ladies.
“I have a song called, “HARDSHIP” on there. I also have a song that’s called, “CAN’T LOSE FOCUS” on there. I have a lot of positive songs that’s on there. And I also have songs for people that’s in the streets, that’s where I came from so I can relate to certain stuff. You know? I can say that they might can relate to as well,” Vega said.
Selfmade Vega, born Shallah Bunch in Albany, N.Y., is from a large musical family. At the early age of four Vega remembers watching his uncle play on turn tables and being fascinated by the melodies. Vega’s brother King Snito, has been a musical force in the Albany area for years. Vega deemed his brother his main role model on his personal path to musical greatness.
“The person who has inspired me the most has been my big brother. My older brother is King Snito, he was in the music game for a minute. He was pretty much the best artist in the 518 for years now, so I just followed his lead.” Vega explained.
Family, is a large part of what makes Selfmade Vega a well-rounded artist. Support can always be found from at least one of his nine siblings, and Vega’s father has been a focal point in terms of keeping him humble. Vega’s mother, June Foulks has taken on the role of managing him. Her management has kept him organized, and on a continued path to success. Although the music industry is not one of stability, Vega is consistently motivated by his two young daughters and fiancé to make it to the top.
Vega’s journey has not been easy, much of which is evident through his music. On one of his favorite tracks on the album titled “WHAT I’VE BEEN THROUGH,” Vega talks about conflicts he’s dealt with on the way to fulfilling his dreams.
When asked about some of the major obstacles that have affected his musical journey, Vega let out a sigh signifying the magnitude of previous frustrations, yet his troubles have not deterred him from his goals. The downside to being a part of a large musical family is that it has been hard for Vega to find himself artistically amidst the presence of fellow talented family members, but with some effort Vega has been able to make a name for himself.
“I kinda felt like a shadow behind a group, so I wanted to stand out. I felt the way for me to stand out was for me to venture off and start doing my own music, and to break away from your own family, your own blood family it was kind of hard to do. I felt it was the best move for me to make, to become a better artist and for people to recognize me as a good artist, so they can see my talent and what I’m capable of,” Vega said.
Vega is currently represented by Hard Hood records and Nex Level Movement Entertainment, who are working on different ventures including possible shows at The Apollo and internationally in Japan, along a lingerie line for women called Pretty kitty. Vega also plans on jumping right into his mix tape, despite the fact that his album just released. “I’m gonna work on new material and keep grinding, make sure music’s in the listeners ears, that way they can never say where have you been,” he explained.
“My ultimate goal is to be the number one artist out, and then after that, put myself in the position to also help others to create their path to get there,” Under the direction of his record label Hard Hood records, and Nex Level Movement Entertainment, Vega’s intention is to create opportunities for others whose talents are overlooked.
Music for Vega is more about finding common ground with fans than speaking about riches that the majority of people might not have the chance to experience. “Me as an artist I try to do songs that’s relatable to everybody, songs that people can understand and say oh I did that, or I can do this, just so they can have a feel for the music, a lot of people don’t have a feel for the music, they don’t have a Porsche or a Bentley, or these other things that the artists talk about, so I try to give them more relatable music, from the ground up,” Vega said.
Fans can access Vega’s new album by reaching out to him via Facebook, or contacting his manager June Foulks, copies could also be available one online store such as ITunes and Amazon.com soon enough. by: Cherie Darby



Tela was originally born in Memphis, Tennessee. His grandfather was the manager of the late great B. B. King. Music and the music business has always been in and part of Tela’s life. He grew up listening to great and favorite artists like “Marvin Gaye”, “Al Greene” and “The Isleys”.

Tela says that the music that these kind of artists made was termed as, “Pimpin’ Music”. He also liked and enjoyed the music of “Michael Jackson”, “Queen”, ‘Black Sabbath” and “Coltran” just to name a few. He himself has worked alongside artists like: Snoop Dog, Too Short, Pimp Cee, The Game, Ace, 8 Ball & MJG, Yuck Mouth and UGK.
For the past 5 years Tela has taken a needed and most valuable time out from the constant grind of the music game. He has taken this time out to be with his beloved family and children. He realized that time waits on no man, neither does the growth of his beautiful children. One of the most precious gifts one could ever have is time-shared, and the bonding with his offspring. He knows that there is no way to make loving and lasting memories unless you are there and present in the mix.

Although not as heavy in the game these days the Legend has gone “independent” and still managed to produce a new mixed tape called, “Grown Man Situations” aka “GMS”. You can check for this to drop around 3/15/13 on Mixedtape.com. Tela hopes the game continues to grow creative wise and artists keep it interesting. He says, “Nowadays it’s hard to tell artists differences one from another. Also, don’t clown yourselves if you are going to make music; true talent stands out for itself. No more dream jacking… please! No more Lil Waynes, Drakes, Rick Ross’, or Nicki Minajs.” Lastly, PLEASE NO MORE RATCHET BLACK WOMEN!!! Black women do not need to be ratchet to make money. Our women need to start living with structure, refinement and an assignment for their lives.
You can find him on @TelaOfficial ya heard! By: ANGELICA MANN



Where do your roots lie?
Adair hails from upstate New York, Kingston
What type of music do you produce?
Adair describes her music as the Alanis Morissette of the hip hop world; her words all come from real life experiences. Adair is not only a hip hop artist she far excels this plateau she has excelled as a story teller. Her comfort-ability with arranging words to present her truth is monumental. In her single, “Talking About” she embarks on an anthem for women whom have been scorn by an unfaithful man. The rawness and expressiveness of the songs will resonate with her ever-growing fan base.

What musical influences inspire you to create music?
Adair’s first memory was hearing Michael Jackson on a cassette tape the connection was astounding. Michael Jackson’s voice and lyrics ignited a feeling which sparked self-awareness, after this realization singing became as natural as breathing. Adair’s musical inspirations aren’t limited to Michael Jackson, she draws from others such as; Etta James, Donny Hathaway, Tina Turner and Cher. Adair finds herself drawn to people that are relatable.

What separates you from other artists in the industry?
Adair’s perceives her style as catchy substance meaning: the ability to illustrate thoughts and feelings in a different perspective to the masses. Mixing various musicality’s together specifically hip hop for the purpose of presenting a literal dynamic; would best describe Adair’s anticipated album ”Truth As Adair” the album is a showcase of her expressing her truth as she sees it, every story is pulled from facets of her life. It’s more about the music then the message for Adair this also contributes to her separateness from other artists.

How long have you been working on your music career?
Adair has been working on her career for the past four/five year. About two years ago she performed with Slaughter House at “Rock the Bells” . She also performed on the Queen Latifah Show, MTV etc. Adair plans on booking other shows in the near future for the promotion of her new album “Truth As Adair.”

Who does your team consist of?
The magnificent team that is a support system are: Managers Hip and Tom Kelley, producer J. Bulter in addition to clothing and hair stylist that have dedicated themselves to the brilliance of Adair.

What challenges have you had to overcome?
To Adair the complexities of life is a challenge she had to struggle and overcome obstacles in order to stand strong as the woman and artist she is today. Adair had to deal with her family essentially becoming homeless due to a fire. Moving from place to place with her eight siblings was difficult as well as coping with the loss of her father. Her faith played an immense part in her life she turned to her spirituality for guidance and hope. Adair is forever humbled and appreciate for all her blessing especially being able to vocalize these trials and tribulations in musical form.

What artist/producers would you want to work with and why?
Adair has always wanted to work with Eminem he has the ability to connect his audience to him through his music. Adair is impressed by the way Eminem puts everything into his music mind, body and soul she can recognizes the similarities. Swizz Beatz, Timbaland, Missy, Busta Rhymes, Kanye West, Jay Z are some other artists she would enjoy working with.

What do you foresee for yourself in the future?
Living for the now is Adair’s motto. “Don’t spend too much time thinking about the future. Working and striving now in this moment for what you want.” Adair believes in not taken anything for granted there is a strong importance on changing anything negative to a positive outcome. No matter what issues you’re going through, God is there to guide you through the storm. Adair has the most respect for her craft this with her faith will propel her toward much more success.



First and foremost: me, my family, and supporters would like to thank E2W Magazine for the platform to voice my injustice. Freedom has never been given by the oppressor minus the hard work, and dedication of a person who refuses to be held hostage.



The impact of returning to prison after serving 16 ½ years for a crime I was, and am innocent of, is tremendous. Where do I start? Being the rock and glue of my family, I immediately took charge of my position when I was freed. I wasn’t the only one who was permanently scarred from my wrongful conviction, my family suffered badly also.

Our healing process started the day I was released. In the short period of time I was home, I tightened my family bond that was shattered by the Justice System. The feeling of coming home from work to my wife, going to dinner at Big Mama’s house (mother) with my brothers and sisters, taking my mother shopping for her birthday, bringing her gifts for Mother’s Day, my kids, going out with my wife, speaking to trouble youth and speaking with other: men and women who were also wrongfully convicted at speaking engagements was priceless.

So, after the above and much more, returning to prison, and still is like living a re-occurring nightmare. I feel the pain double fold due to being through this wrongful imprisonment once, and being freed only to be back to endure it once again. If I was weak minded, and didn’t have the blood of our ancestors running through my veins, I wouldn’t stand a chance.

My family and supporters is crushed by this ordeal but, being through this once before, they have first hand knowledge of what’s necessary to support me mentally and emotionally. Let me not leave out friends and my fellow comrades, and my N.Y. and PA. Legal Teams. This has hit everybody extremely hard. What can I say? My situation has pulled my support system together tightly.

To say the System is prone to mistakes is an understatement. My reason for saying this? When someone’s conviction was strictly based on: ‘faulty’ Eye Witnesses, (Brady-violation) a coerced confession and (Ineffective Counsel) just to name a few out of many, and the Judge don’t grant relief or when he or she does grant relief, the Prosecutor still prosecutes knowing it was an injustice.

That’s intentional, not mistake. When DNA clears a person, the duty of a prosecutor should be to immediately ‘halt’ the prosecution as an, Officer of the Law. Not all prosecutors are corrupt, but the one’s that are is “the Deep Rooted Cancer” in the Justice System that is responsible for ‘Wrongful Convictions’. And as I always say, if you intentionally caused a wrongful conviction, not only should you never be able to practice Law, you should be ‘prosecuted’.

Upon filing for Re-argument with the, U.S. Supreme Court, my case was ‘Remanded’ back to the, Third Circuit Court of Appeals (the Judges who freed me). Due to the U.S. Supreme Court not allowing my attorneys the right to submit briefs or oral arguments. Not only did they make an error giving me a charge I never had, they made a mistake of basing their decision to ‘Reinstate’ my conviction strictly based on a Brady violation witness. This Brady Violation was clearly established in the Federal District Court in 2008. You would of thought that the U.S Supreme Court would of reviewed the record. Not in this case. “The Pain Within”

To Society,
My personal view on my husband, Lorenzo Johnson’s Wrongfully conviction and what it done to the family.
Wrongful convictions has a huge impact on all parties involved. How is it ok to keep people in prison for crimes they didn’t commit? It’s an injustice that affects peoples lives tremendously. My family and I have suffered for far too long because of this.

One of the hardest things I have ever had to do was watch my husband return to prison after five (5) months. He had already given the state of PA. 16 ½ years of his life for a crime he didn’t commit. Our children couldn’t understand how or why this was happening again! How could I explain this to them when I didn’t fully understand how something like this could take place.

I remember thinking how much could one man take? Was he strong enough to keep fighting for his freedom (a second time) or was his energy going to run out. I thought about our financial situation and how I would have to take care of us again. I thought about the system and how foul they really are. How could they come into my world and take all I had in a blink of an eye.

I cried for days feeling like they tore my heart out. I couldn’t eat or sleep, not to mention gained a lot of grey hairs.
A lot of extra spending we were doing also had to stop. I now had to make sure I had collect on my house and cell phones so he could call. Had to make sure I was able to order his food packages when he was allowed to have them. Also to make sure that I could get to PA. to see him as often as I could, living 2/12 hours away from the prison isn’t always that easy between: the price of gas, tolls, maintenance to our car and making sure he’s fed on the visits takes a hit to our savings.

It’s emotionally devastating as well, I love seeing him, but my heart breaks when it’s time to leave him there. He knows how bad it hurts me so he calls as soon as I get in the car to comfort me for my ride back to N.Y.. I totally agree with the saying, “if you do a crime, you should do the time”, but to keep an innocent man in prison for almost half his life, let him out, and bring him back, is: “Cruel and Unusual Punishment”.

I try to remain positive, but honestly have lost faith in the justice system. Wondering, “will they ever do what’s right? Are they willing to say we made a mistake not only once, but twice? The children ask all the time, “when is he coming home” The only answer for them is, “soon I hope” Although Lorenzo is the one behind those walls living this nightmare, we are all suffering and I will continue to suffer until justice is served!



Throughout time, the public has been fascinated with stories detailing perceived shady business practices of long time friends, turned successful entrepreneurs, but also becoming “bitter” rivals on the opposite sides of the coin. Try to understand the penetrating impact of assisting someone of which you were instrumental in creating a multi-million dollar career for.
The name may have been overshadowed by the success of this said friend, but the credit has been granted. However, money and opportunity had not been dispersed properly according to some. Whichever way the reader decides to interpret this scenario, the results remain the same.
DJ Superior, known to fellow Yonkers, New York natives affectionately as a solid stand up man. In the same vein, demoralized as a bitter DJ/Producer and the one time comrade of a very successful franchise brand and artist.
Superior has been silent for years about his personal role he has played in: creating, molding, and developing the careers of some of your a-list performers. But, something does not add up. Pesos.

How long have you been in the Game?
I’ve been in the Rap game since about 1990, 1991.

Who were some of your influences coming up as a youth?
Some of my influences were and still are: RUN-DMC, LL COOL J, Donald Trump, and Hulk Hogan.

What’s your position in the industry?
I’ve always been a d.j. and continue to be one, But I am the CEO of MOST HATED ENTERTAINMENT, much like Wakim of the RUFF-RYDERZ

What are some of your current projects?
I’m working on, HUSTLE ENTERTAINMENT with CHEF DADDY O.G., projects with MS. BEY THE GODESS and recently assisted in the completion of a VH1 documentary on DMX, and I have also completed a book about the both of us.

How do you stay relevant in the Hip Hop game?
We are worldwide and I have artists in almost every town; I have the IN-THE-MIXX radio show going on; I just stay busy. We stay grounded and down to Earth. When you become a part of this team, you become family. “I want to say, out the gate, that I do not want to disrespect the RUFF RYDERZ.”

We just got M.H. models and were doing a DVD called, “Straight out of Yonkers” We have a Women’s forum that helps women learn how to become entrepreneurs and we also continue to work with the youth. We stress helping the youth and showing them how to get their lives together.

If you want the world to get to know each other, then you have to open the door for other races and ethnic groups. We are all in the same boat. I have personally donated a Gymnasium for the youth in Yonkers at School #12 in Yonkers. I continue to help the youth in any way that I can. It is about respect and a deal with everyone the same.The world is divided; Most Hated is taking it to the next level.THE SAGA CONTINUES…Part 2 coming soon…



Have you ever heard, in time you’ll heal? This phrase or term actually hits home for anyone who has lost someone in their life. Unfortunately, throughout the years I’ve heard the expression numerous times and in speaking with others, who fall into the same category as I, a Gold Star Mother understands the term can be unpleasant. Although we realize the intention behind the term is not meant to offend, just an offer of “condolences.” In true human nature, people mean well when they state it. READ MORE

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