July 2013


C asey The Model is a product of the Tri-State & D.M.V. area; weighing in at 135lb with a frame of 5”9, 34-28-40. She grew up around the industry life and was able to see the good and bad the industry has to offer. As a teenager, the various eyes in the industry saw Casey The Model’s true beauty, talents and personality. In the year of 2008, she decided to pursue her Modeling Career; and see how close it takes her to her many goals.

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During her modeling career, Casey The Model experienced tough obstacles both professionally and personally. Overcoming those obstacles allowed her to hold a steady grasp on her professional and personal life. Casey The Model is now ready to focus fully on the career she started. While she was back and forth with her career ventures, Casey The Model has accomplished many tasks. Casey The Model previously co-hosted Videocity TV, Mixtape Cover Model, Model Muse, Published Model, Radio Personality, and currently Ambassador to the Urban world for Team In Mind Clothing Company.

Casey The Model has contracted the management services of Tawag Models & Talent Management and the promotional and marketing services of Tawag Promotions. With her new established team she can now focus on the goals at hand, accomplishing the goals and having a helping hand with her career. With these steps being implemented, the entertainment world will get to know the real Casey The Model. Her personality, beauty, ethics, loyalty, mind state and her love for challenges.
Photography by: Digital Dolls Magazine
Clothing by: Imperfect Apparel

For booking and features contact: Phone: 1888-602-4325

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A tlanta has done it again. Known for producing some of the world’s most successful entertainers, it is only right that fine cuisine stem from there as well. Dark shades, tattoos and a fine cigar in his mouth, one would look at this man and question, how does his cooking techniques really pan out? As the old saying goes, you must never judge a book by its cover. Chef Aleem is no rookie to the game of culinary. A magnum cum laude graduate of, Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts of Atlanta, with his dedication to the industry, Chef Aleem has provided over a decade worth of service and has catered to numerous star studded clientele such as Akon, Ludacris, Kandi Burruss, Pink, Kanye West, Big Sean, DeVyne Stephens, major music executives, and the list goes on.

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Chef Aleem: The Real Rapper’s Delight
By Kitty Irene
C hef Aleem has trained at some of the top fine dining restaurants in the country, ran one of the most popular restaurants in Atlanta, Crave Bistro, and let’s not forget to mention he is currently personal and tour chef to the Grammy Nominated rap sensation, 2Chainz. When asked his motivation behind his art he simple proclaims, “Besides being inspired by some of the best in the culinary profession, being a single father of three is one of the things that forced my hand to perfect my craft of cooking. I had to, for them, because I refused to raise my children on fast food and junk.”
O wning a restaurant down the street from a music studio, the restaurateur stayed busy with hungry artist that would stop by after a grueling night session. That benefit was how the restaurateur was introduced to 2Chainz, “He would stop in after a studio session and over time we just became acquainted; he was one of the regulars. I used to joke with him like when you get big Imma be out there with you man.” Aleem said during our interview. “So when he started blowing up he called and said lets go, so I was like let’s work out a good deal and let’s do it. We went on a couple of weekend tour dates and it worked out pretty good so here we are going on our second year of doing this at his personal home and on tour.”
A leem admits that his look goes against the norm of what many see when they hear of an executive chef. A caramel skin toned man, standing over a hot scorching stove rocking a pair of dark shades, tattoos, and a cigar is not what normally comes to mind. Aleem understanding the norms against him felt it was only just to start a non-profit organization called Cool Kids Cook. The organization works with kids all across Atlanta to teach the fine and honorable art of cooking. It’s not just a cooking class but a lifestyle, that teaches young people about employment, education, nutrition, entrepreneurship, and how it all intertwines to manifest a successful career. A message that has reached to the White House, with First Lady Michelle Obama’s, Let’s Move, America’s Move to Raise a Healthier Generation of Kids campaign. Chef Aleem has made it his personal mission to join forces with the Obama administration to change the way our children interact with nutrition and the culinary arts.
“I just wanted culinary to be an option for young people before it becomes an all that’s left to do kind of thing. Because then you approach it as an all an that’s left to do kind of thing and you become the grind cooks or the stew boys in the kitchens instead of the leaders of the kitchen. That starts at a young age when you need that motivation.”
2014 promises to be a jammed packed year for the rising star as he and his team prepare to launch some major projects that are sure to turn heads and separate him from the traditional celebrity chef. “In life when something is your calling you can’t ignore it. This is my calling to introduce the world to an art form from my point of view. So ya’ll get ready because we’ve taking flight and the trip is going to be a long and exciting one, I can guarantee that!”

Gain more Chef Aleem access and celebrity insiders on Twitter @_KitchenKing and @Chef_Aleem on Instagram. You can also check out his latest project “Well Done.” on YouTube Click the Link and enjoy!

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