“Hey! Young World”
I am Kareem, I am part of an important project called “Hey! Young
World” produced & created by my colleagues & I. We conceived the
idea through music for young people but as the project went on,
concepts for children books in volumes became a more effective medium
for reaching the youth. “Hey! Young World” (HYW) is an alternative in
education through music, art, & literature that lends an option to our
children. Today the media “force-feeds” our children PARENTAL ADVISORY
material in many facets of their little worlds.
Hey! Young World becomes a part of the solution in joining the
convoy of a long awaited movement in TAKING BACK OUR CHILDREN by using
elements in which young people would consider to be COOL/ HIP/ & THE
“IN” THING to bring forth a project uniformed in high standing of
INDIVIDUALITY/etc. These are Qualities that schools often omit from
the curriculum, and while they should be instilled in the home HYW is
that medium that could help. HYW! 
Kareem Nash

“Hey! Young World” Media, Co. c/o Beat Brokerz Entertainment,Inc.
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