Barack is STILL President, Now What?
By Lekia K. Hill “The Advocate”

Goooooo BO! Barack Hussein Obama does it again!!! President Obama. Wow. Can you say YES-WE-CAN AND WE-DID, Again! I am hyped for the up and coming four years of this presidency. Really, Who wouldn’t be for that matter? But as an advocate, I am also a realist and the real issues are going to take more than another four years and a black President to fix them. Its going to take us as a people in whatever community we live in to continue to stay engaged and involved in the process of holding our elected officials accountable. That means on the levels of City and State. Yes, President Obama is our President, the HMIC but that is of the UNITED States of America. Who is in charge of where you live? Do you know their names? Your Mayor, City Council members, Assemblyman/woman, hell do you even know your Governor? They are the ones who can handle your real life social issues where you live. They are the ones you can see and touch up close and personal. As I introduce myself, I want to make it clear. I am “The Advocate”, I fight for what I believe in and for social and economical change, I can’t fight alone people. We have to keep this “Moving Forward” momentum going. The Obama Campaign has started something that is by far finished and believe me there are many so called leaders counting on us to forget it. Why, because we always do. You know we do. We get all excited and have each others’ back in a headline tragedy or victory but soon as the headlines stop so do we. Well let us show them they got another thing coming. The panther in me would love to call it the “Black Attack” but that would actually have the GOP man shaking in his skin. So lets just roll with “We’re All in This Together” ya dig. And since Obama had majority of the Hispanic and Black vote, two nationalities they’ve plotted against one another for Centuries, I’d like to invite the GOP lovers to join in and cross over to the winning team. Now, by far am I a radical racist and certainly you all know we all have a bit of racism inside of us, I mean its impossible not to with being categorized as black, white and yellow on every governmental documentation and or forms you press ink to in this country. I just want us as a people and that is the 99% to support each other.
I’d like to close the corner with this; We all have opinions and would like to believe we live in a democracy but a true democracy at the end of the day has yet to exist. If it were not for Activist who advocated for the freedom and free will we do have, it would be much worse. We must continue to fight and support each other and exercise our rights to have our voices heard every chance we get. Speaking up should be a priority for you and not just settling or living in a fantasy chasing a T.V Dream. Perception is reality folks but those who govern your reality create your perception. Remember that. There are campaigns going on all over this country for social and economic change. Next time you want to Google something Google how do I get involved in….
Its all about the #3Es EmPOWER EnCOURAGE EmBRACE
I AM THE ADVOCATE and I Approve this message!

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