Many have often inquired about the meaning of a Gold Star Mother, at one time or another I was even congratulated on being one. However naive the comment or questions are presented, it is the constant reminder that my son as well as many others has sacrificed their lives for the freedom we often take for granted.
A Gold Star Mother is an unwanted title. It is a group; none of us have ever wanted to belong to. But we are here, amid one another. We support one another, as we are fully aware of the daily effort it takes to exist after the loss of our child to war. To get by, we find ways of coping, one of which is becoming actively involved in our military, publicly but non-politically.
GSM’s has a resilient connection to service members. An association in which can never be broken or disassembled. We are dedicated to the commemoration of Military observances, such as the day referred to as Veterans Day, Sunday, November 11th.
Veterans Day was an act amended in June making the 11th day of November reserved as a legal holiday devoted to our Heroes, men and women who came before us protecting and defending our country, like my son and countless others ready, willing and able to preserve this great nation. A Veteran is a title to be proud of. It speaks to the heroism of many men and women who chose military life. Men and women who have courageously joined based on the understanding of wanting to make a difference or quite simply, “Be the Difference.”
This day, November 11th Veterans Day should be viewed and remembered as a day of gratitude, not just a day off from work, because by all means it is by far more than that. So, I ask that you take a moment and pledge your unending thankfulness to our past, present, and future Veterans.
Gold Star Mother signing out . . . Hooah!

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