ARTICLE-Jam Master J’son is in “D.J. Mode”

Jam Master J’son is in “D.J. Mode”

When Jason Mizell Jr. enrolled in college 10 years ago he wasn’t intent on being a D.J. He wasn’t always sure he wanted to follow in the legendary footsteps of his father, hip-hop icon Jam Master Jay.

Mizell admits music was always a part of his life, but he never believed he would be where he is today. “I had no interest in music growing up really, I was always in band, orchestra, but I didn’t really know it was a possibility,” Mizell said.

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It started in college when a Georgia club owner asked Mizell to play so he could see what he could do. The owner admired Mizell’s skillset so much that he hired him as his new fulltime D.J. after one night. After that, playing became a permanent part of his life. “That was the end of my college career,” Mizell said.

Mizell goes by the stage name Jam Master J’son, an effective play on words.

The son of Jam Master Jay enriched his craft at that Georgia club before meeting and working with Steve Lobel, a renowned hip-hop manager. That led to him playing on tours around the world before the age of 25, travelling with artist Mann. “We went everywhere on the road except for Africa,” Mizell told E2Wmagazine.

One of Mizell’s biggest accomplishments to date was playing at the “Made in America” show in 2012. “I’ve done enough in the streets where Run and D recognize that I’m working as a D.J so then, once Run DMC decided to get back together they put me on stage with my brother, and that was the ‘Made in America’ tour with 126, 000 people,” Mizell told E2Wmagazine.

On the horizon is a new reality show called “Seeds of Hip Hop,” which will begin filming shortly. The show will capture the lives of Jam Master J’son and other sons of legendary hip-hop folks such as Dr. Dre’s son Curtis Young, Eazy E’s son Eric ‘Lil Eazy- E’ Wright Jr., Droop-E who is E-40’s son and MC Ren’s son Waxxie.

Mizell will also be playing on the Sons of Legends Tour this summer with other sons of hip-hop stars. The tour will include buzz-worthy names like JoJo Simmons, and Big Pun’s son Chris Rivers.

“Right now I’m in D.J. mode, I’m always thinking of ways to bring in different things, and different songs. I want to stay as clever as I can on the mic,” Mizell said.

While Mizell continues to blaze a trail for himself in the industry he’s carrying on his father’s legacy through the music. He explained his primary priority is to stay relevant: “it’s enough for me being his son, when they meet me and they hear me spin, they’re like no wonder; before they knew I was Jam Master Jay’s son they’d be like no wonder, this kid is nice.”

Fans can keep up to date with Jam Master J’son on Facebook, Twitter @JMJSON, or via his website

By: Cherie Darby/ Twitter @Cheried876

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