Thinking back into time, it was apparent to me who an individual was that played a pivotal force in DMX’s career, and the RUFF-RYDERZ. It is the familiar, DJ Superior. I remember him from building #34 in Emmett Burke Gardens, also known as Mulford Gardens. I remember him staying in the basement apartments in the back of the building across from the laundry room. Upstairs on the fourth floor lived my aunt, (Raw Rome); Jerome Enders lived below us on the third floor.

Speaking to Superior gave me more insight into his career and personal growth. As we spoke, Superior mentioned that he was currently on the road with one of his partners (Chef daddy OG), and they were on Warburton Ave., in Yonkers, New York. He also mentioned that he was getting ready to get a slice of Pizza from Nigel’s Pizza place. Nigel’s is familiar to me, because I once lived in the area. It was located next to the famous School #12. Nigel’s was the place where you could get a slice of pizza and a soda for a $1.00 back in the day.

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