Everyone should be aware, that there are benefits of hand washing, as a primary step in disease prevention. Hand washing as a 1st step in disease prevention should never be taken lightly. There is a chain of command in disease prevention, and if those steps are followed, the chance of the spread of most communicable diseases is eliminated.

Aside from hand washing, one should place a barrier between her/himself to protect against germs spread by others. For example, public restrooms are a cesspool for bacteria and germs. Doorknobs, faucets, and handles are all convenient vehicles for germs to spread. To prevent such transmission, try using paper towels to open doors, faucets etc.

These two steps alone may prove to be valuable to you and your family in the future, and lessen visits to the Doctor’s office. It may be a little expensive to buy cleaning supplies, antibacterial and disinfectants, but the benefits in the long run are cheaper. Remember to wash those little hands.


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