Broncos: Wild or Half-Tamed Horses

D enver’s defense set the tone for the game early, sending Baltimore on a three and out for their first drive of the game, but by the end of the first quarter, the Ravens were up 7-0. An interception by cornerback Chris Harris set the Broncos in the perfect position to tie the game with 11:40 left before the half. Soon after, Denver’s defense had sent for Baltimore’s punt team and had WR Wes Welker ready to receive the punt when he fumbled with the ball and it slid between both hands. Just as the ball flew out of reach, he was swarmed by Ravens on the Denver 2-yard line. In only one play, Baltimore’s offense sent RB Ray Rice into the end zone untouched, putting the score at 14-7 Baltimore. Denver QB, Peyton Manning, did not take that lightly as he used his “no huddle” offense to catch Baltimore sleeping and threw a deep left pass to tight end Julius Thomas for a 23-yard touchdown. With the game tied, the Ravens traveled down the field to score a field goal with no time for the Broncos to strike back before the half.
W ith the score 17-14 Baltimore at halftime, there was no doubt that the Broncos need feeling any pressure coming from the Denver defensive squad, but that was soon to change. ed to make some adjustments. It was noted during the half that Ravens QB, Joe Flacco, was not
T he Broncos were ready to receive the ball and turn the game around and did just that after a dropped pass to Welker went unnoticed by officials and unchallenged by the Ravens. The no huddle offense left little-to-no time for the Ravens to make a decision on whether or not they should challenge the play. Welker gained the first down and two plays later Manning threw a 28-yard touchdown pass to WR Andre Caldwell to put the score at 21-17 Denver. The non-challenge flag sent the momentum swinging in the Broncos direction. Baltimore went three and out on the next drive and a blocked kick by safety, David Brunton, left Denver just inside the Baltimore 10-yard line. By the end of the drive, the Broncos were up 28-17.
G oing into the fourth quarter, the Ravens were down 35-17 and things were not looking up. The Ravens got lucky after a pass meant for Rice was intercepted by Denver LB, Danny Trevathan and dropped before he reached the end zone. The ball bounced back into the end zone and labeled a touchback. The Broncos defense stepped up the pressure on Flacco and left him and the Ravens offense struggling to put points on the board. With 10:32 left in the game, the Ravens scored their first points since the second quarter with a 13-yard touchdown pass to WR Marlon Brown.
T he night ended in a Broncos victory. Final score: 49-27.
By the end of the game, Peyton Manning had tied a record of seven touchdown passes in one game. He is the sixth person to ever hold the title and the first person in 44 years. He also finished the game with 450+ passing yards.
Ravens Nation was positive that their team would be on top of the league this year, but last night proved otherwise. Will the loss of superstars Ray Lewis and Ed Reed impact Baltimore more than fans thought? What kind of offensive threat will Peyton Manning and Wes Welker be this season? Is Peyton the better Manning?

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