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December 21, 2012, the Mayan calendar fast approaches its last entry date. For some the end of the calendar signifies the planets catastrophic demise. Predictions of impending doom have been prophesized for centuries. Even famed French seer Michel de Nostredame, or Nostradamus, predicted the Earths end would correlate with the winter solstice of 2012. Did the Mayan’s really predict the end of all mankind? The answer to the question on so many people’s minds will be answered very soon. READ MORE


Not surprisingly, there seems to be no shortage of apocalypse theories currently in circulation around the globe. Speculations of galactic cataclysm, global war, or a pandemic seem to be prominent among life threatening scenarios that have become increasingly popular now that December 21 is mere hours away. It seems that there is an increasing global awareness sparked by the topic due to curiosity for some and fear for others. For some people the threat of mankind’s destruction is very real, however, many others simply see the 21st as just another day.

The Mayan long-count calendar is based on a cyclical system of 144,000 days, approximately 396.26 years, known as a b’ak’tun. The calendar states that the end of the current, 13th  b’ak’tun, numerically notated, is at hand. Some proponents of the end of the world theory see the rolling over of the zeros as a signpost marking the end as we know it. Others have taken translations from the Popol Vuh, a sacred Mayan book, and have applied them to the end of the 13th b’ak’tun. One such translation is as follows: “it will rain fire, burning stones; the earth will lift up; there will be floods that will put an end to humanity, to those that have vitiated the Earth.” However, this passage in the Popol Vuh was not meant to be tied to December 21. According to Pastor Franke Zollman, avocational archeologist and student of Mayan history, the Mayans’ view of history was cyclical. It stands to reason that the end of calculated time merely marks the end of one calendar period and the beginning of a new. This is much like the calendar popularly used today which ends in December and starts anew in January, only covering a more extensive period of time. While many scholars are in agreement of the long-count calendar having an actual end date there were no Mayan predictions of the end of existence. The end of the 13th b’ak’tun is believed by many to merely mark the start of a new cycle.

According to one K’iche’ elder, “A better world is possible…as we enter the age of the fifth sun.”Did the Mayan’s feel the cycle of time would just loop infinitely or is this THE end? Infinity can be a difficult concept to grasp for people since we are so heavily rooted in the finite. Beginnings and endings seem to be the easiest of concepts for our minds to comprehend. Time is running out but how much time is there? The answer, at least to this one question, will be known in the hours to come. by: DAVID PASILLAS, PHOTOS BY: GOOGLE IMAGES


Sheldon “VERZYTILE” Deonarine

Sheldon “VERZYTILE” Deonarine. Born and raised in the tiny islands of Trinidad and Tobago, famous for our unique sound of the Steel pan and Soca music. Trinidad is also known for our annual carnival celebration. This is a time when everyone gets to show off all their beautiful colorful costumes, enjoy the island sound of the steel pan and Soca and just to have a good ole time. I was born at San Fernando General Hospital which is located in the southwestern part of the island of Trinidad which is more city living. I moved to Valencia when I was about five years old, a small village which is located in northeastern part of the island which is more country side living. As you can imagine, growing up in the country is a lot different from the city life but never a dull moment. Growing up in the countryside also taught me a lot of important lessons that prepared me for this crazy thing called, life. I attended Arima Senior Comprehensive School, before moving to the US. I joined the school choir and sang in our Naparima Bowl Arena and came second in competition.

Arima Senior Comprehensive, also known as ‘Compree’ was also attended by internationally known Soca artist Bunji Garlin, one of my idols in the music industry to this present date. At a young age I was captured by the sound of Soca and reggae music. One of the main Soca artists that I admire is the man himself Machel Mantano who I think took Soca music to another level. Mr. Mantano has been in the music business literally since he was a baby, look up his video, “TO YOUNG TO SOCA” and you’ll see what I’m talking about. He continues to push the envelope and put his country on the map, our sweet island of Trinidad. Some other well known Soca artists I grew up listening to includes Super Blue, Sparrow, Lord Kitchener, Shadow etc.  Not forgetting the younger generation who’s continuing on the path that those iconic legends set forth .That’s just to name a few of the legends in Soca music. On the reggae scene, I grew up listening to Bob Marley, Gregory Isaac and GlenWashington etc. That’s the reason for the name ‘VerZytile’. I love blending all different styles together and coming up with different unique sounds that both the young and older generation will enjoy. I moved to the US when I was seventeen to pursue my singing career. It was definitely a change, being in a new place but it gave me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge on all the different types of music and implement them into my songs. I write my own material My latest material includes “LAND OF SOCA”, “THE GIRL SONG” and ” “BONG DIGGY BANG” soon to be released. Hope u all enjoy my music so keep your ears and eyes peeled for more new and original material from the one VerZytile, singer, songwriter and producer. I can be reached by email at verzytile@gmail.com or follow me on twitter @verzytile or look for me on Facebook or check me out on YouTube.


Shooting At Sandy Hook Elementary School


Horrific elementary school shooting leaves a nation mourning the loss of 20 children and at least 8 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

December 14 started out as so many days have before; children heading to school and parents starting another routine workday. Children anxiously awaiting the beginning of Christmas vacation; a time to be spent with family and loved ones. However, things took a turn for the worse sometime after 9 a.m. and those holiday spirits were quickly dashed to bits as a 20 year old male made the decision to arm himself and lay siege on an elementary school, forever changing the lives of so many people in Newtown, Connecticut.

Once again, terrorism rocks our nation as we watch news clips and read stories of the tragic shooting at an elementary school. As a father I’m left speechless, I cannot begin to fathom losing a child in any manner much less losing one to a gunman on a senseless shooting spree.

Although my children are older than those involved in the massacre, I feel as if my own could have been involved. I think back to their days in elementary school and wonder what would have been done to prevent this incident had it presented itself at their school. Today should have been a day full of learning and joy for those children. The adult victims should have been able to carry out their workdays and return home to their families at the days end.

However, that is not the case. There is now a hole left in the hearts of everyone in America. I can feel it as I learn more details of the event. The harsh reality sinks in and the Christmas spirit I have been feeling is now replaced with sorrow. This attack has not only affected family members of the victims, it now affects an entire nation.

This is terrorism, terrorism from within. This is what we must strive to prevent. Where was the security detail as this gunman entered the school grounds? Even with precautions being taken someone was able to easily find their way onto the premises, heavily armed and intent on spilling the blood of innocent children. Everyone at Sandy Hook Elementary School was left powerless in this attack as reports reveal that at least nine of the victims were adults. How do we protect our children from attacks like these? How do we protect ourselves? We are so focused on terrorism from outside our countries borders that we seem to forget that it can happen right in our own backyard.

Reports have indicated that the shooter is dead, and at least one other suspect is in custody for questioning. While some may feel due justice has been served, there will be no justice or peace for the families of those who lost loved ones today.

President Obama addressed the issue moments ago and stated, “our hearts are broken today,” and he is correct, the hearts of a nation have been broken as well as our spirits. We must find strength in this somber time and somehow pull ourselves together. We must work to prevent this type of tragedy in the future. Parents have a right to feel that their children are safe once they have been delivered to school. It is our right to work in a safe environment, free from violence and the actions of unstable individuals such as the gunman in this heinous crime.

We all deserve to be free of the sorrow we feel now for the families of the victims. My sincerest condolences go out to the families and friends of ALL of the victims involved in the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. We are all so very sorry for your loss, may you somehow find peace.

There is only one question on everyone’s mind today, why? BY: DAVID PASILLAS PHOTOS: COURTESY OF GOOGLE IMAGES




Morpheus Entertainment, the D.J., the producer, and the Brand.
Sean a.k.a D.J. Morpheus Ent is one of the founders of this household name, which the world knows as MORPHEUS ENTERTAINMENT represents Trinidad & Tobago but embraces all cultures and what they offer to help enhance his talents as he has spread his wings to the US. Now based in NJ. Morpheus Ent is a D.J./personality on Caribbean Zone Radio. Specializes in D.Jaying, Promotions, and Production needs in Caribbean Culture and the U.S..

Morpheus is proud of the launch of his own Internet radio station and official website www.djmorpheusent.com. This is the place where you can listen to the best music 24/7, download his mix tapes get interactive, check out event pictures, videos and a lot more.
Along his journey the question has been ask numerous times, “where did the name come from?” The name Morpheus was not chosen from the movie, “The Matrix”. In 2001 while surfing the web he stumbled across the name. Morpheus stands for- a Greek God known as the God of Dreams. The name was found to be quite appropriate because Morpheus entertainment has big dreams.

Through diligence, commitment, discipline, sacrifice, and hard work, the brand would strive, survive, and achieve great success. Morpheus Ent has grown considerably in confidence, skill, knowledge, creativity, and popularity and is ready to take it to the next level whereby Morpheus Ent would become a household name and a positive, profitable business organization.

Morpheus Ent has travelled to several states like Brooklyn, New York, Florida, Maryland, Washington, and Pennsylvania to name a few also frequently visiting his home of Trinidad where he D.J’s for Carnival celebration. He has participated in this annual celebration for the past several years. Working hard on what it would take to be one of the most requested D.J./Producers around.
With all of this being said Morpheus Ent. would like to thank all those who he has encountered in his journey. The good and the bad is what makes him bigger and better.


Do you know Hip- Hop? If you do then you know this intro: Microphone check, micro, microphone checka… Chances are, you know the whole song!
Fast forward. Drayz of ‘DAS EFX’ is still microphone checking, who wanna battle? Anyone wanna battle?

Of course I am going to ask what everyone wants to know, “where is Skoob?” Did you lock him in closet or something?

(LOL) No, he’s doing him. He is working on his solo joint. He’s good.

Oh, ok. Now I know you have solo music you are working on and I definitely want to chat about that but as a group what have you guys been up to? Do you have any new music as a group?

As Das EFX, we are always traveling doing shows. We just did Chile, Australia, China, and Dominican Republic. We don’t have any new music out as a group, unfortunately. It just seems like we cannot get the timing right to get into the studio.

Hopefully you guys will be able to make that happen soon. In April, you celebrated the 20th anniversary of your debut album, ‘DEAD SERIOUS’. Congratulations on that achievement. In that time span the industry has really changed. What are your thoughts on the ‘ new’ industry downloading bootlegging etc.?

Thanks. Twenty years flew by like nothing, which is why I’m working like I am now. No time to waste. As far as the changes in the industry, I have no choice but to roll with change. Cant be afraid of change or you get left behind. So, I take full advantage of the Internet, downloading etc. Of course, I miss the days of the ‘mom & pops’ record shops. The whole feel of the 90’s but I adapt to what’s going on today. You have to.

Just for a moment, reach back and tell me, when did you fall in love with H.E.R?

Back in 1979 when my pops used to bring, home records for me like Grand Master Flash. When I heard Planet Rock, I was hooked.
In present time, what do you feel you can add to the culture right now, what is the next step?
I want to add my feel to hip hop as everyone wants to. I want the new guys to hear my stuff and know that I’m still capable of rocking and dropping hot joints. I want the artists in hip-hop to know that we need unity in hip-hop in order to survive. Long gone are the days when artists from different spots on the map toured together. Example, we toured with THE DOGG POUND and THE OUTLAWS back in the day. In present time, I’m focused on my solo music. I have music I must get out.

I see. I listened to your new track ‘ I Luv Hip Hop ‘ and of course, I am going to need every one to hear, ‘you are not playing’. Before we end this, I must ask the question. If you could choose any female rapper to rock beside, who would it be and why?

I would rock with Lauren Hill for sure because of the obvious, she is dangerous on the microphone.

Good answer Drayz and thank you once again.

Your welcome Trae . Peace to all my fans. It’s ShowTime. * You can cop Showtime @ the link below. Support real Hip Hop. Until next time…keep it cute, positive and moving.
https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/showtime/id573864630 BY: TRACY MILLS


As the holidays approach, much like giving thanks during Thanksgiving, a special time of the year where family gather around a table and share a traditional Thanksgiving, with all the trimmings, for Gold Star Mothers there’s an empty setting which is a reminder of our loss.
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As the holidays approach, much like giving thanks during Thanksgiving, a special time of the year where family gather around a table and share a traditional Thanksgiving, with all the trimmings, for Gold Star Mothers there’s an empty setting which is a reminder of our loss. We say grace, much like everyone else, except we embrace the somber reminder of our Heroes, our children and those young men and women who are in foreign countries in the midst of conflict. Men and women who unfortunately will not or have not had the opportunity of returning home, proudly sitting at the head of the table, carving a fresh turkey, scooping up the macaroni and cheese from a glass casserole dish or simply getting the first piece of sweet potato pie, a gathering ensued by laughter and sometimes family games. Nevertheless they’ve carried or carry out their mission and some return to base while others are stationed in faraway places, deserts surrounded by dirt with watchful eyes, sharing the special holiday with their comrades.

And then there is the most spectacular holiday of all. For me it’s Christmas, a time of the year where many celebrations are taking place referencing my belief and faith. There are various other religious occurrences and holidays that occur within the month of December where others celebrate as well, contingent upon their beliefs and faith. Either way we are all left with a memory, but a memory we are grateful to have. One that brings us back to those days where we were a part of the hustle and bustle, in and out of stores to purchase that special gift, that special one thing that your child asked for. We would even go as far as baking cookies for Santa Claus or purchasing candy canes for the tree. At times, families assembled in church giving thanks. Some created small towns, along with trains and train stations which encircled our Christmas trees, a reminder of the holiday celebration.

Our way now in this transitional phase of our lives, the “new normal” as proposed, we give back. We become part of Care Drives, some we develop ourselves, asking for donations of goods during the holiday season, providing that special something that would surely make our Heroes smile. You’ll often find us in huge rooms, with hundreds of boxes surrounding us and tables overflowing with goodies such as candy, cookies, toiletries, books, coloring books, crayons, Christmas cards, Santa Claus hats and stockings, numerous other items and we can’t forget the sweet treat of a candy cane, a reminder of why we’re there. Although our Heroes, who have sacrificed their lives, are not present and here with us, we know they are surely in the hearts and souls of us and their fellow comrades, and what better way to honor them than by providing their comrades with something special, reminding them they have not been forgotten. If we’re not in the middle of a care drive, look for us at cemeteries, where we are laying wreaths or placing flags by thousands upon thousands of soldiers headstones, honoring them for their dutiful service. If not there, we’re involved in various other events or assisting those veterans in hospitals, taking part in their celebrations, or sharing in school functions which cater to veterans children who have lost their mother or father to war.

I asked that you remember those brave soldiers during the holidays, those who have fought and continue to fight for freedom, who have given you the precious state of liberty. It is without doubt, our duty!
Gold Star Mother signing out, Hoorah! BY: HOPE HOLLINGWORTH


Touching down at the PIARCO, INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT in Trinidad was an exhilarating feeling. Mid- November in Trinidad is like mid-Summer in New York, (very hot and humid).
Located off of Queen St., and across the St. from the renowned restaurant CASTRO’S is, DARIUS’ BARBERSHOP. Nice and cool on the inside, and the pleasant atmosphere of the staff gives any visitor the feeling of appreciation.

If you are familiar with the city of Arima, then you will know the geographical location of the world’s famous, ‘DIAL’. Located in the heart of Arima. Surrounding the DIAL is three distinct businesses complimenting patrons with their needs. ROYAL CASTLE CHICKEN, HEARTHY FOODS, and PAY-LESS SHOE stores are respectively on each corner. Further down the street is the area known as, ‘THE DRAG MALL’.

Nestled away from all the busy-ness and noise, DARIUS’ HAIRTALENT is a community fixture as well as a landmark for quality hair-cuts. Well known and respected, established in 2005, this barbershop is like no other. As soon as you walk in, you are greeted with a cordial welcome. With Darius, Yarniek, Paul and Hayden tentatively attending to those in the chairs, they still have a moment to greet you. Right from the door you know, that you have come to the right place.

I had the humble opportunity to meet Darius at his barbershop. I spoke with him briefly about his establishment and what he means to the community. Open and candid about the love he has for his city, and the love that they had for him was apparent. As I sat on the sideline waiting for a line-up, I observed numerous patrons get their haircuts.

The buzz of the clippers, and the look of satisfaction on the faces of the freshly cut and shaved patrons reflected back on the standard of professionalism. This also reassured me that this would be a great experience and I would write about it one day.

Darius got a break from his busy craft and we were finally able to speak. We opened up with the establishment of the shop. He mentioned that it has been in the same location for over 7 years and is known all over the island. He said that they are known from: Sangre Grande to Port of Spain all the way over to San Fernando, Trinidad. For those familiar with the wide range of territory, it is impressive to have that much clientele!

Darius mentioned, that he started cutting hair over 20 years ago and he is a Registered Barber. The full name of the shop is, DARIUS HAIR TALENT. He also said that his shop is a family orientated business with much support from the surrounding community. Known by locals, Darius expressed that the community is a rough one; but a kind and loving one at the same time. A fact that I felt from day one. As we exchanged stories, Darius and I went across the street to CASTRO’S RESTAURANT and enjoyed some delicious food. The night was young, but as we sat and talked time began to slip away. Being that it was a long day for the Master Barber, we concluded our conversations and began to embark upon our travels to our next destinations. As described by Darius, he is a dedicated family man and it was time to go home to his family. Our lime was good! I felt that we had made a connection. I knew that I had established a friendship and found a great Barber in Arima, Trinidad. DARIUS HAIRTALENT, 41-41A SORZANO STREET, ARIMA TRINIDAD, WEST INDIES TELEPHONE# 1-868-757-0263




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