The show began at 11:00am and did naught but grow with progression; as did anticipation for each act to come. Groups of kith and kin gathered ’round covered benches, smoking, drinking, and over all enjoying the atmosphere during breaks in music. By 1:30pm, when Native Born began, Metal was in full swing. Bloody mouthed moshers emerged from the pit, with sanguineous smiles, only to eagerly return for more. The aroma generally produced on April twentieth wafted about the reciprocated chaos, and climaxed as Hostile took to stage at 4:20. It was then that a contagious feeling of awe betook the on-looking ruck; as bodies collided, in heavy rhythm, to the enthralling dark tones, then, cried encore.Tickets to the Hottest Shows in Las Vegas at
From Albatross Overdrive’s classic groove, to Catharsus’s cathartic aggressiveness, 2013’s Metal in the Park provided the setting for all genres of rock to unite with common purpose. When asked to sum up the day’s experience…by consensus, two words: ****ING HOSTILE!

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