Hip Hop: The Early Years 1979 – 1986 (HD)

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OAKLAND, E2W MAGAZINE MUZIK BUNNIEZWe are a singing group from Oakland, Ca and go by the name K.G.K (Kool.Gone.Krazy). There are three of us, Yannah, Neenaah, and Mo. Our musical influences are all different which makes us unique. We have been inspired by Beyoncé, Amy Winehouse, Luther Vandross, and Aaliyah. You can find us on our group Instagram @KGK_YNM

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Brooklyn’s Own, “Lanie J”

Brooklyn, New York, rap, Female Rapper, ArtistLANIE J, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, is the oldest of seven siblings. From a young age, she knew that she wanted to entertain her family. All her relatives either worked or went to school. Lanie J tried them all but couldn’t see herself behind a desk for the rest of her life working for someone else. She said to herself , “Lanie J, you have to be your own boss. I experienced a lot in life and writing was my go to thing, my therapy. I love writing whether it was poetry plays novels music I would have journals piling up. I remember having a dream of being on t.v. and moving people’s hearts. Even crazier is that my mother came to me she said she had the same dream. From then on I was determined.” Her brother Lunr Maximus was on a development deal with Roc Nation. Him and his partner Rich Son from Banger Boys /MUSIC Makers would hit Lanie J up and ask her to come to their studio and just write reference for other artist. They would vibe for hours. “I loved it!!! I was writing so much for them that I thought to myself, well I if I can write for others, I can write for myself & put myself out there. My brother sent me a beat asked me to write to it for someone else and when I heard it I knew that I wanted to keep it for me. I wrote to it, recorded it and now my “Single Do About It” is taking off and people are really loving it!

TEAMSMG Ft. Maserati Money “Getaway Freestyle”

Boscee (interview) E2W Magazine



R&B Singer Sincere Grant

Sincere Grant R&B Singer Music E2W magazine

Urban Soul/R&B singer extraordinaire Sincere Grant is rolling out the Red Carpet Of Love and getting music lovers and fans worldwide back on their feet dancing and cheering again in hype of the much anticipated online digital release of hot new single “Red Carpet Ready”. Sincere Grant an R&B/Soul singer from Tulsa, Oklahoma is back in the spotlight and rolling out the red carpet treatment for music lovers and fans worldwide with the digital online release of his now hot new single “Red Carpet Ready”. The single is a contemporary blend of Hip Hop/Soul that has hip hop fans and soul music lovers alike in mutual agreement that Sincere Grant has done it again and delivered to his fans another urban street classic. Introducing his own Mid-south Swag and a style all his own, Sincere Grant is a part of the next generation of self-made independent music stars that are taking their future in their own hands by going directly to their fans giving them the music they want and love. A must listen and buy for music lovers and fans everywhere! “Red Carpet Ready” is a hot new single that is garnering worldwide attention and setting the streets on fire and fans asking for more. This single is pure street heat that sizzles and pops and comes just in time for summer ushering in another heat wave of hot new music from the Midwest and South. “Red Carpet Ready” is another underground hit that is the feel good song of the summer and has music lovers and fans worldwide excited and asking for more from R&B sensation Sincere Grant.Red Carpet Ready Is Now Available At All Major Online Retail Outlets! (ITunes, Amazon) Check out more on this amazing artist online at www.Facebook.com/SincereGrant

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E2W Magazine’s Mac interviews Dawn Gun

Dawn Gun Female rapper rap hip hop Pretty Ill Entertainment MoDo Entertainment PIE Lipstick E2W magazine

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E2W magazine (interviews) Omar “Big O” Gooding

Omar Gooding Actor E2W magazine

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Knetwork Live Interview E2W Magazine


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