The Brave and The Fearless

The Brave and the fearless, The warriors and the soldiers. The lethal and the deadly. All in a place filled to capacity with hate. A dark abysmal empty, cold wicked place. Where darkness looms more than light illuminates. The Penitentiary.
In some communities there are a group of people who cherish prison as if it were a synagogue or mosque. They look to the Correctional Institution as validation of manhood.

You are always welcomed to visit and stay awhile. Leaving’s no guarantee. Silver-back gorillas on the same team, always on the prowl for fresh game. Green or seasoned it matter. Fatalities come in all different shapes and sizes. Once a living legend in one’s own mind. Now scared to death to close your eyes.

Clothing Helps Sharpen One’s Image!!

In today’s society, we see a great many different styles of clothing. There are dress codes for practically every arena of life. Just to name a few: professional, religious, entertainment, personal, and many others. The great thing about clothing is, that it enhances our image. Imagery is a fascinating way to bring out one’s creativity. Imagery can reveal a language of it’s own. A beginning on how to sharpen your image begins with, a style in which you feel comfortable with.
Personality is a major factor when determining how to enhance your image. Confidence is something that you either have or you do not. The right out fit can boost the level of confidence you do have.
Learn how to put your clothing ideas together, then find out which stores may cater to your: shape, size and style. Being creative with clothing is an art and you have to have the passion to be stylish and creative. Your style should connect with the personality that you portray, and you should do your research on different styles of clothing. Window-shopping to get ideas is free. So, before you invest a fortune take a walk down 5th Ave. We strive to leave impressions upon people. So make yours a good one, sharpen your image up. BY: CHEROD ALLEN

Triz Entertainment

As I inquired about the car scene in N.Y.C., I had to look no further than the Bronx; one of the 5 boroughs of New York City. Five minutes north of the Bronx is Yonkers. Feeling blessed to have had the opportunity to speak with Bebe, the President of “TRIZENT.” He filled me in on the structure of Entertainment crews and Car Clubs.

TRIZENT was formed in the South Bronx, New York. We were officially established in 1995 when we were all still in school. We were located on 174th St Boston Rd. and Trinity Ave. Mostly family and school friends; we grew up around TERROR SQUAD and were fans of their music. Seeing them from time to time encouraged us to follow in their creative footsteps. We eventually came up with the name “TRIZ” from the hit song, “I Bet Your Man Can’t Do It Like This” ft. BIG PUN (R.I.P.) and CUBAN LINK. We added the “ENTERTAINMENT” to establish our promotional aspirations. We were already a “house-party” crew and we had different units representing TRIZ. From 174th St., to Hunts Point, Boston Rd. to Fordham Rd. and other parts of the Bronx. We have associates throughout other boroughs; but the Bronx is home base.

Comprised mostly of Boricuas, the TRIZENT family is a multicultural and ethnically diverse group. TRIZENT was established around 1995 in the Bronx New York. The TRIZENT logo may look familiar, that’s because the hip-hop world remembers and loves the Terror Squad and Big Pun (R.I.P). Some of the members of TRIZENT were closely aligned with the infamous TERROR SQUAD.

With females as members and the younger generation of members coming up, the ideas keep fresh and the swag continues to impress upon the streets. Riding Motorcycles, Cars producing music, hosting parties and events are just some of the fun that Triz iz about. A day in the life of a member is ordinary, until it is time to ride out! Seen through out the five boroughs of New York City. The club is all about living and loving life. You got to love the movement! – Bebe of TrizentThe logo represents a brand.

Article – Talking To The Prez of Triz Entertainment

The Legendary Triz Entertainment Crew represents, family and unity. The Car club/ Entertainment crew has been steadily making it’s way across the nation. The legendary squad from the Bronx has strength in these numbers,  do the math and tell me what you come up with…pesos!

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