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Heading to the Eagle Mountain Casino, all I thought about was “how will I interview a whole band?” When I got to the casino, I made contact with the promoter.

She then connected me to the Gap Xperience’s manager, Terry Westemeir.

Terry reminded me of the late great “Rodney Dangerfield.”

We spent about a good 45 minutes talking about the band, and he laying down the rules of the interview.

Now, it’s time to meet the fellas.Terry led me toward the band’s trailer. Before we reached it, I immediately recognized a few of the faces as members of the Gap band.

I was introduced to Oliver Scott, Billy Young and Terry Scott. We talked, took pictures and prepared for the interview and show.

I was walked to a trailer in the rear of the facility. There I was introduced to Raymond Calhoun. Looking good for a 60 plus year old man, he reminded me of a biker/bodyguard. He was very well kept and in shape. He and I talked for about a good 15-20 minutes.

He gave me the run down on the band, and the current relationship with Charlie and Ronnie Wilson. He also let me know off bat, that they really wanted to stay away from too much of the Charlie Dynasty.

After setting up my equipment and conversing with Ray Calhoun, the band started to trickle in 1 by 1. My adrenaline started to flow even harder. It’s time to get busy. A whole band. These guys were seasoned veterans, and they were so humble!

They all had a sense of professionalism and quality that can’t be explained. Real people. Despite their history, tours, millions of albums etc… They had an air of comradery and brotherhood among themselves, but not so isolating and distant to give someone a feeling of isolation. They were very accommodating and jovial.

I knew I had scored with these guys. All I had to do was get this interview and keep them engaged. I needed to get as much from them as I could. There was so much history in this trailer. I couldn’t mess this up.

Starting off the interview was Baby Gap, and that’s what set this interview off. I was immediately immersed into Funk history. Unbeknownst to many… Baby Gap was instrumental in introducing Pop Locking into Rn B/Funk routines. He was the youngest of the band at one time and had rich story to reveal to me.

Moving along I interviewed each member of the group. At the end, I felt exuberant and enlightened. I felt like I sat through a seminar on: business, management and the music industry. Feeling like I was just blessed I wrapped it up and we all headed toward the center stage.

The Gap Xperience performed many of their famous hits, along withe a new banger. The show was energetic and exciting, so much that I wanted to put my camera down and dance! Staying through the entire performance, I was completely satisfied!

Memories for the decade. Much success to Gap Xperience in their endeavor to keep the great band alive!

GOT - A Suite deal to get your business online! Website builder, domain and email starting at $1/ mo

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