Chef Daddy is a three-time felon and a survivor of the school of hard knocks. After this being his third bid, he was released from jail and decided to change his life around. Converting his street entrepreneur talents into a legal viable business using his will power, hip-hop, and chef skills, it equals the latest craze taking the country by storm. The hip-hop cuisine
There is always a turning point in a man’s life many times, you just do not know when and where it will take place. After running the streets for most of his life and being shot 14 times, when he was released from jail Chef Daddy decided to enroll into the New York Restaurant School in Manhattan, N.Y. With his drive and focus, Chef Daddy was an example to many students in his class where he ended up graduating on the dean’s list. When he finished school he worked under the world famous Bobby Flay “Iron Chef” from the food network channel.
*Hip-Hop meets culinary arts from the gutter…changing it into butter.

The Hip-Hop cuisine teaches you recipes that people in the hood or around the world can use in minutes. The ingredients that can be found in the refrigerator, or cabinet, which are used every day, can in no time be taken to the next level; using vegetables to make sauces etc. with the application of classic French techniques.
The food that Chef Daddy is cooking up has been catching the attention of people from all around the world. Good food has no boundaries, everyone loves good meal. Chef has given people in the hood the ability to have access to a personal chef. With his unique recipes of various blends and spices, it has been leaving many satisfied customers “Chef-ti-fied.”
Chef Daddy has a long list of famous clients, which is growing every day. For years Chef has been the personal Chef for D-BLOCK, MOST HATED ENT., FAR FETCHED, SERVANTS OF THE EARTH, BLACK CANNON OF HARLEM LANES, only to name a few.
Chef Daddy drives the point home of how he is the personal chef to the hood first, then, personal chef to the stars! “I got to have a dream.”
Life is full of twists and turns, ups and downs, trials and tribulations. You can start life out living one way, and then a chain of events can alter your path 180°. Chef Daddy turned his life around, and now he asks the question can he live?
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