Keisha Cole Day

The historical Bay; East Oakland, California. Once know as a thriving middle class black town. This area has had it’s share of chaos. Especially around the 90’s. 97th St. 98th St. and 96th St. also known as the “hood”. At first glance you will see poverty, an d the residue of a very strong drug culture in the East Oakland. It would not be surprising to notice the dilapidation in certain areas of the town, but there is a gem from this are, and everyone loves her. It’s Keisha Cole.

Keisha Cole raised in this area, and found a way to prosper; despite her own personal family issues. Growing up in East Oakland alone is rough, but to become an accomplished singer/performer is like searching for gold in these streets. Keisha Cole has had a positive impact on the place in which she comes from and represents.

Keisha Cole has not forgotten where she has come from, nor does she hide the painful past of her childhood. Every year, Ms. Cole comes back to her home town and is affectionately welcomed. She sponsors events for the people of the town to have a good time. One such event is, “Keisha Cole Day”. A day of fun excitement and all types of activities for the young and old.

Usually held on the last Sunday of the month. The event is special to the youth of the town. With very few people to look up to, the youth of East Oakland have an official “star” to model after, Keisha Cole.

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