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(Article by:Collin Lee Johnson)

Kaeden Carter aka kgRmajesty has spent his life finding purpose and salvation through his pursuit of music and film. For over eight years he’s been perfecting his craft with film production while still coming out with his own tunes.

Operating out of the Greater Seattle area, KG has always been promoting positive energy among his fellow shooters in the scene. Out of pure love for creating dope content, KG seeks to unite the community and grow his production brand.

kgRmajesty is known in the local Seattle/Tacoma hip-hop and rap community for creating visually captivating flicks. Each one he creates truly makes the artist he’s working with pop. Largely working with smaller budgets, KG has wishes of presenting his film and production abilities to other avenues such as events, commercials, and even weddings. He intends to put his streetwise spin on every aspect of his productions to echo his humble beginnings. His dream is to work on large-scale productions for big companies, brands, studios, models, and artists.

KG is someone that really came from nothing. After his childhood was spent having to hustle and face hardships, his work is everything to him. He’s not looking for clout or to be better than everybody else. This man just truly loves to create and make a genuine product for whoever he’s working for. He sat down for a chat to further elaborate his journey, his successes and his failures. As well as where he wants to take his brand and production company, Hustle & Pray Films.
Leaving Las Vegas

When kgRmajesty was 17, he left Las Vegas because it was no longer a safe space for him to grind in. Through the Job Corps, he was able to get flown out to Oregon to surround himself with different people and find his focus. “I got my GED in the Job Corps,” KG said. He went on to say that flying out to Oregon “changed me as a person; I really came from the streets and the struggle and shit.”

“That Job Corps shit was diverse in terms of different races and religions, and it upped my communication skills.” For those unfamiliar, Job Corps is the largest Free residential education and job training program for young adults ages 16–24. “When I got out I had a new outlook and the world seemed so big to me,” KG said.
From Music To Film

Around the time that KG was finishing his time with Job Corps, he came to Seattle. Naturally finding his way into music, he had a rap group that got to the point of needing music videos. So, he saved up and bought a little video camera and began messing around with Windows Movie Maker. After upping his equipment a little, he became sick with the film making bug. “Even when I watch TV all I can see is shots, it’s all I can think about is this film shit,” he told me. As homies began telling other homies, he got so busy with film work that he naturally began pursuing film with full-force.

Fast forward eight years, and he’s now gotten to a purely professional level of film and production. “If I’m not at the computer editing I’m out shooting.” The only matter he’s facing now is how to scale his brand to include more facets of film and bigger budgets. “Everything’s about community to me, I don’t do this shit to be cool, I just love to make dope shit,” KG said. “I’m 30, I’ve done a lot of shit; this is really my passion and art and I’m really all about it.”
Raising The Bar

As of late, kgRmajesty has been able to branch out into creating commercials, doing event coverage, and more. “Even when I make a commercial I want to put an urban spin on it,” KG said. His current packages for videos include $500, $1000, and $1500. “I just really want people to understand how serious I am about my work and my craft,” he said. “I can’t make ‘a little something quick,” he said he’s always trying to outdo his previous work.
Hustle & Pray Films

In 2015, kgRmajesty went full-time with his work as a filmmaker. This was the beginning of his film company, Hustle & Pray Films. As the overall moniker of KG’s brand, Hustle & Pray works with multiple shooters and levels of production to better suit any given client and their needs. “Community involvement, collaborations, and the overall culture are what I’m all about,” KG said. “It’s not about the money, it’s about having a bigger budget to make something bigger and better than you’ve done before.”
Seattle Race To 10k Contest

Currently, KG is running a contest to sauce up his social media presence. As well as give artists and brands an opportunity to work with him pro bono. He’s calling this his “Seattle Race To 10k.” 10,000 followers are the amount you need on Instagram to start doing “Swipe-Up” campaigns. This would make KG able to really utilize his Instagram for generating business.

“I made a dope highlight reel, and it says if you follow me and tag five friends in the video and re share you enter a chance to win a free video/commercial with me.” KG expressed that he really feels like “you gotta bring people together to make it bigger.” He also made a point of saying that “my little thing is illustrating the streets.”

After eight years of working with smaller budgets and truly supporting the culture, kgRmajesty is ready to evolve. He’s ready to ascend to the next level alongside the artistic community in Seattle. With his social media pages blowing up damn-near daily with new content and collaborations, it’s safe to say he doesn’t intend to slow up anytime soon.
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GOT - A Suite deal to get your business online! Website builder, domain and email starting at $1/ mo

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