Who would you say your style is similar to?  I don’t believe that my style is similar to anyone else’s, but I have been compared to the likes of: Katt Williams, Jamie Foxx, Eddie Griffin and D.L. Hughley.

Who were some of your influences in the game?  First off, I had mentors like: Omar Thompson, Talent Harris, and Smokey Suarez. And I believe that Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor paved the way for artist like Katt Williams and me.

What is the formula to your performances?  My technique and formula comes naturally. I have a lot of funny friends, and we are just naturals when it comes to “snapping”. I sharpen my skills by battling my friends and somehow that translates into the energy I need to help execute my routines.

How long have you been in the game?  I’ve been in the game for over 2 ½ years.

I’ve researched your resume, and I see that you have performed in over 150 shows.  Yeah. Give me 4-5 minutes and I will do my thing.

What do you bring to the game?  I am new; I am original and humble. I like to chill on my level and bring the new generation of comedians out. Just like the rap game, you got Wiz Khalifa. In the comedy game, you have Marcus Banks.

What projects have you been a part of?  I have done “THE DEAN’S LIST COLLEGE TOUR,” and  “THE 24 CITY TOUR”, just to name a few.

Tell the people about growing up and did your environment influence your material?  It was hard. My mother had three children and she was a single mom. She gave us everything that she could and almost everything that we wanted. She tried everything in her power to help us succeed.

Tell me about, “REFUND CHECK” I checked out the promotional blog and it was dope! But I have to know, “do you really have a 2 year old son?”  Actually, I did that joke because, in the beginning of my career, this female that I know came out of nowhere! She was claiming that she had a child by me. The kid was a year old at the time, and I was  “dead broke.” It was around INCOME-TAX season, so I claimed him as mine. But later, after a DNA test I found out that he was not my son.

How can people follow you?   “Like Me” on, FACEBOOK (MARCUS BANKS). My website will be out in January of 2013 and I have a DVD, “REFUND CHECK” coming out this summer. They can also follow me on, Twitter- Mbanks914

Marcus Banks- Comedian/Host/Actor/Radio personality


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