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Christopher Wallace
A painting of "Biggie Smalls," in Brooklyn, New York.
The "Apostrophe Hotel." Located in Paris.
Lantau Island
A monastery on, Lantau Island.
A view of "Amsterdam" at night.
Three Rivers, Ca.

Article There Is Always Hope

On September 9, 2007 Hope gets the news that her eldest and only son was killed in combat defending his country in the war against terrorism. Initially, the news of her son’s death damaged her heart and temporarily crippled a loving tight knit family, until the day she accepted the reality of the situation and began to deal with it. Expressing and converting her pain into words and actions in the form of books, plays, and humanitarian efforts in honor of her son SSG. Courtney A. Hollingworth.

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Hope Holl

Article – The Brave and The Fearless

The Brave and the fearless, The warriors and the soldiers. The lethal and the deadly. All in a place filled to capacity with hate. A dark abysmal empty, cold wicked place. Where darkness looms more than light illuminates. The Penitentiary. In some communities there are a group of people who cherish prison as if it were a synagogue or mosque. They look to the Correctional Institution as validation of manhood.

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Article – Clothing Helps Sharpen Ones Images!!

In today’s society we see a vast array of clothing styles for many arenas. To name a few the professional world, religious, entertainment, and personal styling. The paramount asset about clothing is that it enhances imagery and can and has an affect on all arenas. Imagery is an astounding way to give foundation to human creativity. Be cognizant that imagery has an unspoken language. Reflecting on yester years, we can see how mankind has evolved pertaining to fashion and the need of it as society progresses.

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Article – The Blood In My Veins An American Soldiers Story

Sometimes, the road to redemption is a jaded journey that people give up on. Coming from a society dominated by “pack mentality” programming, some people are trapped inside of a web of confusion and misguided ambition. Thankfully, there are individuals who feel the necessity to fill a void of leadership. On both coasts, of the U.S. there are vanguards that refuse to allow todays youth to stumble into peril.

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Article – Talking To The Prez of Triz Entertainment

The Legendary Triz Entertainment Crew represents, family and unity. The Car club/ Entertainment crew has been steadily making it’s way across the nation. The legendary squad from the Bronx has strength in these numbers,  do the math and tell me what you come up with…pesos!

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