Paris Streets Of France

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It’s a cold Friday, and I couldn’t feel better. Touching down in Paris, leaving Amsterdam I hit the streets of Paris running.

Landing at the “Charles de Gaulle Airport,” I hailed down a taxicab. While leaving the airport, my first driver was driving reckless.

Weaving in and out of traffic, and cutting other cars off.

When someone drove in front of him suddenly…he slammed on his breaks in disgust. Then he sped up behind the other driver who had cut in front of him. Cutting the other car off immediately, and then slamming on his breaks… the other car tapped the bumper of the taxi. I was take by surprise to realize that I had been in a fender bender, and experienced a classic case of ‘road-rage’.

After that incident, we negotiated the fare. He wanted 80 euros to drive me to the “Apostrophe Hotel.” Which wasn’t a problem, but his demeanor and attitude dissuaded me from going any further with this guy. I asked to be dropped off before we left the terminal, and he did. I hailed another taxi, hoping there would be no more incidents today.

My new driver was cool. (He was very personable and excitable, just like me). He quickly schooled me about Paris as we rode. While conversing, we came up with an idea to go on a little tour through a few arrondissements. Particularly the “18th arrondissement.”

We decided to go to his friend’s graffiti shop, which sold all types of spray paint and it’s own line of premium spray. Also other collectables.
Before we went there I was attracted to gun shop. Very enthused about seeing all types of artillery displayed for the public to see. I ended up taking a tour inside the establishment, and was very impressed. After being dropped off at my hotel, I got ready to hit the streets.

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