Party In Paris (East2Westmagazine)

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Touching down in France, I caught a cab immediately. The drama started after getting into the taxi, and negotiating the fair to Montparnasse from Charles D. Gaulle. He wanted 80 euros.

I wasn’t willing to pay that. Felling like I was going to get beat out of fair, I was certain that I wouldn’t leave the airport with this guy.

Then He starts weaving in between cars. Literally cutting other drivers off. By some chance of fate, karma hit, and he was cut off by another car. That only pumped up his adrenaline more.

He then started to speed up to pass the guy. When he barely cleared the other vehicle…he cut over in front of the guy, slamming on the breaks.

Jerking back and forth in the taxi with this crazy driver, I felt a bump from the back of the vehicle. I knew this could get uglier. I told the guy to “let me out” so I could hail another cab.

After getting another taxi cab, I realized right away that this was a cool driver. On my my to the “Apostrophe” hotel. (To continue reading this article, go to )

When we pulled up to the hotel, I was impressed. Once inside… even more so. It was a trendy hotel with all the ‘bells and whistles’. (I will cover the “Apostrophe” hotel in another video and article.) I quickly took out an outfit, took a shower and gathered my recording gear. It was getting late when I checked the time. Exactly 3:00 a.m..

I had to hit the streets soon.Out the door, I made one more equipment check. Heading toward Boulevard du Montparnasse, It was deserted. No one out except street cleaners and a few homeless people. It was getting close to 4 a.m..As I continued to walk, I started seeing more people. Then I heard music.I found a place to chill.”Shannon Pub,” there were a lot of people smoking and chilling outside in then freezing cold.

I hung out with a few clicks of people and had fun with them. Now it’s time for business. I approached the door, and was greeted by a brother. (security) This made me feel even more comfortable about this establishment. Once inside, I immediately felt the heat from all the warm bodies, and alcohol.

The music was diverse. There was a live d.j. somewhere in the back. He played a lot of 80’s and 90’s music from Rock to Country to Hip Hop.Everybody was festive and filled with libation. I quickly ordered a double of Vodka and Orange juice.Feeling inebriated from my drink, I started to loosen up even more. This was gonna be fun.

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