Saturday, July12, 2012 was one of the hottest days of the summer in Central California. The day of the REZMADE car, show. One word to describe the event is “hot”! Not just because it was 102* in the shade, but the cars were glistening and the performances were worth the money. The stunning array of paint on the cars would appear to be “wet.” The Chrome, rubber, and steel were all fascinating. It was obvious that time; energy and money went into these showpieces. The highlight of the day was, “Jay-Diggs” of the ROMPER ROOM.

(R.IP. MACK DRE) REZMADE is unique with their variety of custom cars. From the paint, to airbrushing the details on these cars, is sick! I met up with“IN2DEEP” and spoke to Robert about bicycles. They had the bicycle scene locked down. IN2DEEP had a special gem to help represent their brand that was Mom. Mom had the pink “Betty Boop” theme. While her youngest son Ricky had the “Skulls and Crossbones” going on. Robert had the “M&M” theme. Robert gave me the story behind the Skulls and Crossbones bicycle. First, he goes on to mention that the club was formed to keep his younger brother off the street and out of trouble. “My middle brother Roger and I, had a talk with Ricky; we said that ‘if he’d stay out of trouble, we’d make him a low-rider bicycle.’ It took seven years to build; he stayed out of trouble and now he is riding”!

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