Where are you from and what inspired you to create music?
Upryze “Tyron Hill” hails from Inglewood California where he is an aspiring up and coming producer. From a young age Upryze always had a urging to create and produce music. He recalls when his aunt would listen to an array of musical styles which included jazz, r&b and the blues these sounds fascinated the impressionable mind of Upryze. At first he pursued rapping specifically free styling as means of projecting his frustrations. As time progressed, he became immersed in the street life in Inglewood smoking drinking and gangbanging. The tides started to shift in his favor once he entered high school, his love of music grew; in addition to influence of his music production teacher Mr. Fuller. The street life would distract him from his true aspiration. Upryze would start his musical endeavors in the basement formulating beats and writing verses.

What kind of music do you produce?
Currently Upryze produces hip-hop and r&b music with future aspirations to venture into the world of trans music/electronica.

Who inspires you musically?
Upryze musical influences range from Kendrick Lamar , Jay Z. Lupe Fiasco, Immortal Technique and Indie Irie . All of these artists convey a message which translates to different audiences. Kendirck offers a lifestyle of complexity and struggle while maturing in the streets of Compton. Lupe Fiasco projects uniqueness by taking an issue and transforming to tangible to the community. India Irie interprets conscious messages of acceptance and mutual respect amongst African Americans. Immortal Technique an underground rapper dissects the political spectrum in an honest and intelligent way. Last but not least Jay-Z the consummate hustler whom has an excellent marking and business outlook that is not only envied but admired.

Where are you at in your career?
The hunger to achieve success is apparent the driving force is putting in the groundwork and expanding skills, while promoting business savvy as well as a concrete mindset for advancement. Upryze is currently working as an intern for a record label for his own personal growth and development. BY: CAMILLE FRANCIS

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